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Discussion in 'Technical' started by theantlion, Feb 8, 2007.

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    You would not believe where I have been staying for the past three weeks, let me paint you a picture. A beatuiful natural lake, formed by the earth splitting asunder and a mighty city disappearing into its depths, (cue sound effects). After the dust has settled, well a good deal after the dust has settled, about 1500 years in fact, a pair of rock and rollers buy a square of land overlooking the lake and build there a home. Then around this home they place a small amount of cabins, then add in every luxury amenity you could wish for, the best cook in the world and you have paradise. The name of the resort is Viang Yonook and it is on the shores of Chiang Saen lake. I can not recommend this place enough. I left Mae Sai, after my last post, and headed to the Golden Triangle and just could not leave. I finally broke my golden chains this morning and now dealing with the real world once more. I am finally heading over to the West side and will let you all know how I get on. (Still intending to post pictures). Thanks again for setting me free over here.
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    Sounds fantastic - I look forward to the pictures (complete with mystical backing music)!!



    PS. Chiang Saen lake is reputed to be a haven for migratory birds (of the feathered kind..), don't suppose you noticed an abundance of wildlife?
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    Hey, Liony sounds like your on a bill & Tedds most bodacious adventure.
    Who were those Rock Gods that bought the said "square of land"
    What vibes were piped to the rooms?
    When you arrived had Elvis left the building?
    Post the pics A.S.A.P, of said Nirvana, and rest of trip,(journey)
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    Yeah the lake is a bird sanctury for the whistling ducks great flocks of them infact. Quite a sight to see in the evening when they circle above getting ready to go to the fields for their evening feeding. Mind you the buggers aint half noisy and with half a million of them... Thankfully there are great big birds of prey that regularly feast on them, prehaps my favourite sight so far was when mountain biking around the lake and a pied falcon flew about ten feet above me, what a sight. There are so many birds there that if your an avid birder it is definitely the place to go. I must have added three kinds of kngfisher and a load of never before seen birds to my list, still have yet to see a Hoopoe but. As for the other questions all I can say is 'go and see for yourself'. Although i will tell you this the man of the house owns a Triumph Tiger and a Thunderbird, although the Thunderbird is in its final stages of reconstruction after a slight prang wrecked the front end. Beautiful, beautiful machines. His wife would not agree, she calls 'em his second wife...
    I swear I am going to post some pictures, soon...

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