Good Luck Bike shop in CNX - for those on the cheap -Lifan, Ryuka, Taiwanese bikes...

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  1. I was killing time getting my bike repaired, again, and found this shop across the street from the CNX Lifan dealer. It's 100 meters or so toward the Superhighway:
    They sell a BUNCH of different bikes and scooters, but unfortunately they had just closed when I rode past today so I could not get photos in the shop. Chinese bikes, Taiwanese bikes...The banner lists the whole lot.

    I picked up some literature the other day and here are the web sites listed inside:
    i finally found this one from Biologic.

    Facebook: [email protected]

    i finally found this one from Biologic.
  2. "Good Luck" - aptly named...
  3. I guess you mean the shop on the way to the busstation, not the one between Railway and Super-HW. I´ve been there 2 days ago and ask for a testride on the Keeway Enduro 200 and I was told, that this is absolut impossible. So I went home.
  4. One of the Web sites You listed has a Typo error it should be:
    A friend just brought a 400i Scooter which He Loves! There is a 600i coming!
  5. Sym is made in Taiwan and I guess may be worth the low price. Personally I'd pay a bit more and get something that puts fun into riding; some reviews stated that the cheaper bikes are simply cheap transportation. Hong Kong and Taiwan products should not be confused with mainland Chinese which are mainly crap like Platinum.
    But if I ever buy anything besides Japanese (which I won't!) I'd buy Korean.
    Most Kawasaki dealers have test ride bikes available, in Phuket town they had the 150 and 250 KLX to try out.
    The fact that "Good Luck" refused a test ride shows that they don't trust their product.
  6. Just have the customer sign a waiver!

    Bottom line is that Kawasaki does it. If I'd sell Chinese bikes (God forbid!) I wouldn't offer test rides, either.

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