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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Endurorider, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Hi all,
    I just bought an Africa Twin that I should have checked better before paying for it.
    Anyway, I urgently need to get it fully serviced and will probably need to change a few parts as well.
    A lot of peoples on this forum seem to be familiar with that model so I was wondering if anybody could recommend a shop where they will do quick and good work, who could find spare parts relatively fast and that I wont need to be behind their back all the time to check if things are done properly?
    If you can recommend a place around Bangkok/Pattaya/Rayong etc... That would really be appreciated.
    Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi Friend,

    I would recommand Red Baron in Bangkok, even more expensive than a small "Ouya Ouya" be reassured of a professional and good quality work. In fact they are specialised in Japanese bikes and can have spare part easily through their Japanese connection...

    They maintain all my bikes since years and I am happy with them,

    Have fun.
  3. Hi Azoulay,
    Thanks for the advice. I will go check them when I get my green book back.
    Last time I was there I was a bit amazed at their bike prices though.
    But I guess they provide a good service and probably have a large stock of spares parts.
    I would need my bike to be checked from top to bottom, cleaned, electricity redone, probably change the front wheel, linkage, replace the fan and shock absorber.
    I hope it's not going to cost me a fortune :(
    I'm planning a 4 month trip around Thailand, Laos, Cambodia so I want my bike to be perfect.
    Any other garage suggestion?
  4. Hi Friend,

    If you go to red baron, ask for Mr Vikrom (Vikrom MONTRICHOK) is the boss and have a good and friendly understanding. His mechanics, Sommai ROOPCHANG and Boonlert POO-ME are skilled and have allways performed of good job for me on different bikes. Thus if you ask for recommandation that's what I'll recommand.

    On an otherhand I know an other very skilled guy who owns his shop/garage and who is a Ducati specialist in Bangkok, sorry I do not remeber hisname & address but when in Bangkok, I can go there by heart with not problem...

    If you don't look for a Ducati specialist, RED BARON would be the better I know in Bangkok.
  5. The Ducati specialist is Khun Boi at Chicane Motorcycles on ramintra expressway his number is 0892044191 he is a good mechanic.
  6. Hi Jerry,

    Once again you are right ! Boy that's the guy, near the gazoline stand.

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