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    went outof Thai;and at Ban Pakkad tp Pailin on Thursday on the Ducati with my mate Alex on his ER650 no problems only took 45 mins for both sides ,, but our other friend with Thai Mazda car needed Thai Miltary premission and copy of Tabien Baan as well as green book so they took 6 hours to process and the military office is 30kms down the road near Mackam ,,, on Cambo side it only took him 30 mins to process,, its the Thais that are the problem , but now his car is on the database so it wont be so bad next time they give cars 10 days max but once on the military Database the crossing will be faster

    the 57 highway was ok to battambang where we stayed one night then onto Siemriep for 3 days at the sights and nightlife ,, the highway from battambang to sissophon is being upgraded to 4 lane so its messy ,, from sissophon to Siem riep road is great ,,
    we cam back via sissophon then to road 59 from poipet to Pailin and baan pakkad thats a lovely road with interesting countryside

    crossing out into Thailand only took 40 mins and we were back in Prataya 4 hours later last night good journey ,,
    and good to know how to get 4 wheel vehicles into Cambodia as well.

    my experiences of every journey by bike i have made into cambodia is that its exiting Thailand thats the biggest hassle a few year ago before i went out at Hatlek once refused second time thai side was a hassle cambo side much smoother .
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