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  1. After all the dirt biking Davidfl and I have been doing lately I decided I wanted my own 250. To make a long story short, I found one freshly listed on the Siam Superbike Website I contacted our friend Peter Reid there and discussed the bike. I then went to BKK and we negotiated what I thought was a fair deal.

    Peter advertises almost all his bikes with a Book and Plate. If one is not available for some reason he also lists that up front. I took off for two weeks in China and Peter kept the bike until I returned. He then had the bike delivered to my home in Chiang Mai.

    Peter told me he would have a new book and plate for me before the end of June (about 1 month). Although there were many disbelievers, my paperwork and plate arrived today as promised.

    If you are looking for a bike, of any kind, I would contact Peter. If he does not have it in stock he will try and locate one for you. For you F650GS fans. Siam Superbike has on the floor a Suzuki Freewind 650 which is similar in style and purpose as the GS 650 but is half the price of a GS. Check it out!

    Thanks Peter.

    Dave Early

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  2. Silverhawk
    Some guys have all the luck - new bike & new book in quick time with no hassles.
    Me, I've been waiting for the rego on my "young" Africa Twin for over 2 months now.
    All the time the bike's been off the road too.
    It also has not been hassle free, & I don't doubt that I will end up with a recycled book to go with the recyled bike.
    How lucky can you get.
    Maybe next time it will be Peter Reid & Siam Superbike only.

    Keep The Power On
  3. awww shucks guys, you are making me blush[:0]

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