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  1. Having been up and down twice in the last 2 weeks from Khon Kaen to Chiang Mai, first week on 250cc, and second on BM650, I thought a journey to the Yamaha big bike centre in Khorat made more sense for my 6,000km or 10,000 km service.
    The Yamaha big bikes here in Thailand are made to Californian specs, the service intervals for California and the USA is based on 4,000mile intervals. For everywhere else in the world for the same models it is every 6,000 miles. As this is not California I have decided to take the middle road and aim for 5,000 mile intervals. Nice and easy 5,10,15 etc.

    I phoned Khorat, who manage a little English, and told them I was coming in Monday (today), they said they would get a Yamaha service tech guy to come up from Bangkok as they did not have experience with the FJR.

    So a sunny 185km to Khorat this morning, with a quick call first at the friendly immigration office for a 90day report and off to Sibsima motor company, conveniently sited right on the No 2 highway.
    After being taken out for food by Noi, the helpful sales guy on the back of an R6, (pillion may be more suited to 40kg Thai ladies than 6ft Farangs), while waiting for Chaowarid to arrive.
    He turned out to be a young man, but very competent, thorough and it was a pleasure watching him laying out the excellent Yamaha tool set, including 2 electronic torque wrenches which were used on retightening most fixings. As I was slightly increasing the Californian service interval, I asked him to also change the oil filter and the rear shaft drive oil, not in the 4,000 service,list he was happy to do that. The whole service was done proffessionally with great care for cleanliness, no short cuts taken.
    He had an English service manual for the bike and had actually taken the trouble to write the torque and other settings in his little black book to save time.
    The staff at Sibsima were very hospitable with continuous water, coffee etc and had no problem me staying in the workshop for the service. 2 of the service staff also stayed and watched, and assisted.
    Total service cost only 1,380 Baht, that was mainly for 4litres of Yamaha lube oil and the filter and rear shaft oil. The service took nearly 3 hours and he was working fast all that time. Bikes may be expensive in Thailand, but you cannot complain about service cost.

    Yamaha also invited me to join them on a ride to Sakhon Nakhon, this weekend, the home of new FZ1 owner Jim who will be able to join us.
    So thanks to Chaowarid and the Sibsima staff for bringing him up.
    I am really happy that Yamaha are doing there best to provide service backup here in Isaarn.
    Incindently the showroom has the whole Thailand released range of 6 Yamaha big bikes in stock.
  2. Good to hear you had a positive experience in Khorat and were satisfied with the service. I will give them a go for the next service a lot closer to me than CM. Seems a bit daft riding a 2000km round trip to CM when the service intervals are 6000km especially with the plank that masquerades as a seat on the FZ-1. Look forward to joining you at the weekend for a ride.
  3. "Incindently the showroom has the whole Thailand released range of 6 Yamaha big bikes in stock."

    I thought there was only 5 big bikes imported in to Thailand, R1, R6, FZ1, FZ6 and FJR1300. Have they added another to the list?
  4. Jim, I'd heard you were not too happy with the seat. I'd be interested in any other comments you have on the FZ1. I'm back in Oct and still keen to buy.

  5. Jim,

    Sorry about my last. I haven't logged on for a while and hadn't read your pm. As you know, I've limited experience but really enjoyed my trip around CM on the FZ6 when I was up there with John. It's on my list along with maybe trying to get the XJR legal. All I need to do now is get back to LoS!

    Enjoy your weekend.
  6. Yes I know I cannot count, but the FJR takes up the same room as two of the other bikes.

    So to be correct Yamaha are offering 5 bikes in the Big Bike range at the moment. Apparently more on the way hopefully before the year end.
  7. Tahaan, I prefer the XJR and will get mine back on the road again. Never really considered getting the FZ6, which I should have done, but would certainly be a good alternative to the FZ-1 and maybe without some of the negative, annoying points.
    John, I thought when you said 6 bikes you might have heard something about another new model. They did say they would be importing the new V-Max next year (For about the same price as the FJR) and the WR450 & 250.
  8. John, I'm currently considering to do the next service of my FJR also in Khorat, it is a pleasure to drive there; going to Ratchadapisek in Bangkok is for sure not. Could you please post the address of this shop at this forum, there might be others to go there too. Hopefully in the future they will also have such facitlites in Pattaya, Chonburi or Rayong, I'm gonna talk to Yamaha next time I'm in Bkk or CNX. Thanks for the helpful post. Franz
  9. Hi Franz and anyone else interested in location of Yamaha Square Korat.
    Sibsima Motor company. 883/2 Mitrapap Road.
    Mitrapap Road is the main No 2 highway that runs from somewhere near Bangkok to Nong Khai, passing by Khon Kaen and Udon Thani.

    The Yamaha square shop has the same signage and look as the Chiang Mai shop. It is on the Bangkok heading side of the dual carriageway.
    If you are coming up No 2 from the South West follow the town centre sign, which goes straight on at the major junction where the ring road to the North breaks left and the 304 from Pakchongchai, joins from the right.
    The shop is then a couple of km on the right hand side and is easy to see.
    One needs to travel another km to take a U turn at some lights and return to the shop. If you pass the major shopping centre The Mall on your left you have gone too far and will have to turn back, but the shop is big enough to see even with old eyes and glasses.
    Phne number is 0442 686613. I talk mainly with the sales guy Khun Nui, phone number 0878713622. His English is a bit limited but he is very helpful.
  10. Sorry to drag this old thread up but does anybody know if Khun Nui is still at Sibsima? Yamaha Square in CM seem to have zero interest in any of my calls to get the FJR serviced.
  11. Went down to Khorat on Tuesday for a service. Khun Nui is still there, his English seems to have improved considerably and he is a lot more confident and competent. Worth a visit. They also had a new Super Tenere that looked pretty good.
  12. Nui is a great guy. Very helpful and hospitable. 2 ThumbsUp.gif

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