good shipping company ?? NZ tempature ??

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    My talks whith the bike/sidecar rental in NZ led to a 10% price reduction but still very expensive.
    I will try to airfreight my own vehicle from here. Does anyone know a forewarding comp to ask for price indications??

    2. Some of you said NZ is good anytime. I am irritated by a comment of friends of mine who traveled by !!! =
    You should check the air temp before you go because you will probably find it very COLD compared to where you are living. We were bundled up most of the time in Spring. The summers get quite hot and dry. You may not like their wind on your skin.


    Pratical question= how many fur coats would I need?
    As you can see I need some encouragement,
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  3. Ian Bungy

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    Hi Pico-Pico,
    I did the Brass Monkey in June 88, middle of Winter rode through Sleet.
    Wore Thermal Long Johns, silk Balarclava, Gloves, Wollen Jersey & Scarf under my Bike Gear. Warm as Toast. Hottest months are Jan to March. You can get temperatures from the Internet but not a true reading as 30 Degrees here is not like 30 Degrees there? I haven't looked but i am sure there are some NZ Forums which can fill you in. I would say just go for it, i am sure you will love it (just watch for Speed Cameras and Radar!!!)
    Cheers Ian.
  4. nickpedleynz

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    Hi again
    What month do you want weather info for? like i said before Dec- April good time to travel. Dec can be a bit wet and windy sometimes and i have been caught out in a hail storm in april 2005
    Jan-Feb is the best month to travel here on a bike early jan lot of locals on annual hoilday with christmas break for 1st 2 weeks . At the moment it is 25-30 degrees over most of country during the day and we have had very little rain if any for the last month.
    it can be ok though to May and normally rains in June so i head to Thailand. It gets cold after this but can be fine and clear this is the start of the ski season, as i have a bung leg in common with you i understand your not coming for the skiing,and temps are often below 10 degrees down to 0 at night you want a car with a heater.
    Where do you want to ship from? I have only shipped a bike from NZ to Ireland and return to race IOM TT, but have a mate who has done the same to Austrlia and the UK, professional people here like shipping agents and custom officers are normally straight up and honest not like some countries. look on may be some help,
    Can get you some ph numbers if you like but you may be best arranging
    from your home country?
    If your thinking about it just do it our you will always wonder what its like here. Your welcome to stay if your passing and you will be sent in the right dirrection.
    have fun

    PICO-PICO Ol'Timer

    You are both right, Nick & Ian, there is a Thai saying, if you dont try you dont know. So I will shoot for next Febr.
    Regarding shipment I did post on Horizons Unlimited but so far no reply.

    There is no rush and I will try other venues.
  6. tropicaljohno

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    Or as they say in the Northern territory:


    Go for it
  7. just doing a tour of NZ.the weather is stated.30 deg is hot here..unlike thailand or Aussie..take your shirt off for a few hours and will fry u...something to do with UV.speed camera fines can b massive...$400-$500.. 30-40ks over the limit..just read in newspaper..a guy got caught doing 240ks.which is dam fast.140 over the limit.9months loss of licence.40hrs community fine.including lawyers fess..just under $7000...expensive little jaunt.

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