Good Thai bike repair shop C Mai?

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  1. Hi!

    Chaing Mai long time residents:

    I was riding my Kawasaki Victor M up to Mae Rim and hit a dog, final contact speed only 10kph, but front wheel no longer points straight when bars are straight. Maybe only forks twisted in lower clamps?

    Can anyone recommend a good Thai bike repair shop in C Mai to fix this?

    the first two shops I tried pointed to Kawasaki name and declined to work on it!

    Ron Grant
  2. Ron,

    Try Joe & Tom where the H.U meeting registration took place but call first to see if they have time - 053251186


  3. hi ron
    if tom & joe cant help try nat at piston shop!! you will find his contact details etc in my post on the 16 jan under recommendend bike shop chiang mai! they service/sell etc and nats english is ok. marcus
  4. Thanks guys I will try both...

  5. How was the dog ?

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