Good Torque Wrench - Where to Buy?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by NDSinBKK, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. I just got back to Thailand with a nice 3/8" drive Snap-On torque wrench, but it only begins at about 15nm. Any recommendations on where to get a good quality 3/8" drive wrench in the 0-15nm range? I could probably also make do with a 1/4" drive.

    Tks for your help (I'm in BKK).

    I'm looking for, and prepared to pay for, good quality, not garden-variety junk.

  2. Hi Friends,

    For tools and good quality equipments, I would recommend the Klongtum market area in Bangkok (in the Chinese corner of Bangkok) where you can find all the tools you could imagine.

    You can find there all the qualities you could imagine, thus don't be only focus on price as you would have value for money as well.

    For such tool, very important in term of accuracy, avoid the "too chinese" quality and may be prefer a little bit more costful one from Germany. You will find it more easily in the specialised shop better than on the market street.
  3. Thanks, Laurent. Klong Thom is where I was going to start anyway - it is near my house and I've bought all kinds of low-end things there, but had never been in the market for upper-end tools. Now I'll look, and report back on what I find.

  4. There is a snap on dealer on suk71. Maybe snap on do a smaller one?

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