Google earth - Garmin GPS. Navigation in Laos?

Discussion in 'Laos - General Discussion Forum' started by Jade64, Jan 11, 2011.

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    Hi there,

    I am just wondering if this is a god way to explore Laos:
    First I tried to spot small roads/paths in Google Earth. Then I marked the path, saved it as google *.kml.
    With the help of gpsbabel I transformed those google files into *.gpx files for my garmin nuvi550

    Now my question: The maps on google earth are mostly quite old. Is it any use to make tracks from maps that are dated for example 2001?
    I have read that the hilltribes farming is "slash and burn", what means that they move their villages now and then. The paths between villages will change a lot over times. Is that correct? And the paths between villages and fields will always change a lot, I suppose, as they change their fields every year or so.

    Will I find paths, that were visible on google earth in 2001, still in 2011?
    Has anybody done the same track finding, as I did? Did that work in reality??

    Yes, of course will i buy davids GPS map when I come to Chiang Mai, but as my departure to Thailand/Laos is still some weeks ahead, I want to do some preparational work before.

    Any comments?

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    I have an Iphone and use the MotionX application. excellent.
    It allows you to cache the Open maps and then when you are in Laos you don't need a mobile network connection.

    To save downloading the entire country.. Just select the areas you will travel then suck down the maps.

    This was a big help on more than a few times when were were not sure how far to go or if there was a turn off coming up...

    Bye for now

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