GP Track near Chiang Mai, perfect for a spin

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  1. Going on 107 direction Mae Taeng there is a big, deserted junktion to the left Rajabhat University. ( I believe)
    Grandiose swinging road leads inside a vast hilly campus. Its a perfect loop, nobody there, hardly any building, the only finished things you see are small green signs like> dormitory, just the sign, nothing else and the road.

  2. I was looking for a a useful course at a university, must check this out
    Any more details how to find it?
  3. From the junction of Rd 107 and the Outer Ringroad (Rd 121) it is 21 km to the turnoff. You can't miss it as the road to this area is huge (separate lanes) and there is big signboard for the Rajabhat University. There are lots of tracks and roads, reservoirs, etc, and when I was there about 2 years ago one of the few buildings which was up there was a huge hall probably used for graduation ceremonies or so.
  4. Absolutely correct Auke, thanks for correct guidance. And nothing, nothing has changed in these 2 years, the assembly hall is still not finished , only this fantastic road, made for racing with big bikes and these funny little green signs "dormitory" to nowhere. No gates, no guards. All this is set in a spectacular setting. Perhaps this area was supposed to become under a well-known Prime Minister the epicenter of Thai eduction, with the Prem School some 15 km South.
  5. I had a look on saturday, got a bit lost somehow,but certainly lots of potential
    hardly anyone there, just a couple of gardeners and a porn shoot
  6. Not surprising that you got lost, somehow. Because of the nature shoot that you observed the times " of hardly anyone there" may soon be gone.
  7. I could be wrong,a few guys,1 girl and some binoculars,didnt look that closely
    whereas at huay tung tao last week there a girl covering up and a lot of cameras as I went by
  8. Back to the original subject, perhaps I with my slow scooter rides was naive --- is it suitable as a small GP track?

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