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  1. Just ordered a Garmin 60csx that comes with a 64mb micro SD card

    This is my first GPS and I intend using it for backroads around Cambodia and Laos

    Is the 64mb card enough for a learner, or should I add a bigger micro SD card to my order

    If I chose to get a bigger card at a later date, whats the price/availability like in Phnom Penh or Bangkok
  2. i have garmin nuvi 310,, i have 2G memory card, but i use it for MP3 music only,,,
    in what for you will have memory card as all data and maps are stored to unit it selves.
  3. Much depends on what maps you want to use and store on the card. The Thai City Select is about 90 Mb as Bush Pilot mentions. For this you will need a larger micro SD card - at least 128 Mb but better larger as I don't know how large the newer version of Thai City Select will be (to be out soon if the rumors are true). Anyway, the way ESRI Thailand sells these maps you will need a separate micro SD card for the Thai City Select.

    In case you also want to use Garmin maps for the US or Europe, you need at least a 2 GB micro SD card.

    Not sure how large the Cambodia map from Aruna Technologies is but other GPS maps available on the internet for Cambodia range from 3-10 Mb so the 64 Mb card should be OK. There is a Laos GPS map available on the Internet but the quality is lousy. Some people do have a much better GPS map for Laos but this is not (yet) available to the general public.

    Micro SD cards are not very expensive. Bought a 256 Mb cars for about 500 baht some time ago. You should be able to get them in PP as well as in Thailand either in shops where they sell computer stuff or in mobile phone shops as quite a few mobile phones also use the micro SD card as storage medium.
  4. Auke
    Thanks for that
    I'm planning a 3 week trip to Laos around xmas 2007
    Entry/exit thru Veun Kham. Travelling dirt roads thru Southern Laos up to Nam Bak then looping back down.
    Is there a Garmin 60csx compatible Laos map you can recommend, even if its the best of the bad bunch ?
  5. Esri offered for my Garmin 276c
    1.Thailand City Navigator for your device = 11,200 baht
    2.128MB Data card for Map 276C=4,470 baht
    Piyamas W.

    They say that they dont have bigger Sd cards, I would have to find elsewhere.
    1. Is it true that installing is not easy, should I send my GPS to Esri?

    2. How long will it be until the new version comes out , any idea?

  6. The 276 does not use the Micro SD card but a special Garmin SD card which are very expensive and the largest which is available is 512 Mb (if I remember correctly). Uploading the map is not difficult but you can ask them to put the map on the SD card.

    Just received today confirmation from ESRI that next month Version 8.0 of the Thai City Select will be shipping.
  7. Thanks Auke, most helpful, was about to place an order, now I wait one more months.
  8. Hello BushPilot.,
    from your iron butt photos I seem to remember that you have the same Garmin 276c.
    One of the features of your present map has, it does show hotels. Because I am the spontaneous driver , changing destinations frequently, that is helpful.
    One Rottweiler on the ALL Thailand map comment is irritating
    Note: Work on updating this map set is being temporally discontinued until a version of cGPSMapper is available which permits including full indexing in large map sets. This map is locked.

    Am I getting something wrong ?

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