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  1. Strolling thru a disappointing motorshow, I came across something of interest.
    A new company :
    Piyapong Charoenkoopt MD.66 819859181
    Young guy very enthusiastic.
    he has a map system which HE claims is as detailed as the ESRI maps.
    He is using Thailand Navigator 8. This goes on an SD card and can be used in as many GPS's as you like ...not tied to one. And te price is 6300baht.
    This card SUPPOSEDLY will fit most garmins...others i'm not sure.
    NOW I haven't tried the system but will be ordering one to use.
    This thread is for info recommendation.
  2. I am unsure as to how this board will respond to the copyright implications (you all buy legit DVD's of course ;))..

    But I have discovered tools (keygen etc) and all the ERSI Thai maps (and cambo etc) online..

    No need to buy these any more.. Just run the keygen and install on your garmin unit.

    EDIT:: I havent tested these as I dont have a garmin unit but info seems all there.
  3. I'd be interested in any info:)
  4. 6300 Baht seems to be a rather steep price which maybe is an un-official version of the ESRI map. In fact hacked versions of the ESRI Thai Street map version 8 appeared on hacker sites in August 2007 even before it was released to users in Thailand - I got my update free of charge from ESRI in November 2007.

    ESRI Thailand sells the version 8 map now for about 7000 Baht while the same ESRI/Garmin map can be bought in the US for 120 USD on an SD card with the map locked to the SD card so that it can be used in any Garmin GPS which uses SD cards.

    Yes, the program keygen can be used to change the registration code in Garmin maps (including the ESRI Thailand map) so that it can be used in other compatible Garmin GPS units.

    Garmin maps for Cambodia can be downloaded from Mapcenter ( and free of charge. On the same site there are tons of other free GPS maps available for a variety of countries.
  5. Could be different maps.. Seems to be a few coming out at the moment..

    SE-ED books is selling a GPS unit with Thai maps for 6900 baht now.. IIRC it comes with the 'powermap G10' maps ??

    That runs on the WinCE GPS platform but there seem to be tools to convert one map format to another.
  6. I have no way of verifying this info.. But there are comments posted on a GPS map hacking forum that claim that the Rotwieller maps are the ERSI V7 maps with the copyright changed.

    If thats true, as he charges 100 USD for his maps.. Thats a bit nuts.
  7. YES.
  8. OK.. Well thats a bit mad.. Especially as I was aksing him about porting his map over to a WinCE format map and he wouldnt becuase it would then leave his maps unlocked.

    If he just stole them thats a bit of a shocker.
  9. If you can wait until I get home from work tonight, I downloaded Thai Streetmaps Ver8 as a torrent... haven't loaded it onto my Nuvi 320, but the price (free) was right... I could send you the link if you use BitTorrent...

  10. Have taken the plunge and bought the maps from Gadget Trend...great service, also the ram mounts for 76Cx.
    I'm having major problems getting it(maps ) downloaded to gps.
    Have Gps connected to laptop but cannot find it on computer to copy the maps accross to SD card.
    can anyone help?
    PM me and I'll call to go thru the procedure.
  11. Have you got Garmin mapsource installed ??
  12. yes..but the maps cannot be accessed by map source..only copied to a specific ID garmin unit
  13. Yes but isnt mapsource the 'handler' app that does that loading ??

    I dont have a garmin unit.. I just downloaded all the maps and the keygen to unlock the maps :)
  14. no its can only access as I said above....
    problem now solved...any one need help here I can now install it !
    About to go out for a test ride...
    Many thanks to Auke.
  15. You may also want to download the free program "EasyGPS". It lets you back up all your waypoints and routes onto from your gps to your pc.

    Very handy. (Especially for me with every PTT/7-11 gas station from Chiang Rai to the Malaysian border, saved.
  16. Hi Friends,

    Could you recommand the best GPS unit to buy from GARMIN and to use with "download maps from the net" for Thailand ?

    Would GARMIN Nuvi 260 W would be a good deal for 350 Canadian Dollars ?

    What would you recommand from GARMIN products if I would have the opportunity to buy it from US ?
  17. Depends very much on what you want to do with it. Garmin indicates that the Nuvi's are NOT motorcycle friendly - they are not waterproof and for that reason they advise them to use in a car.

    If you want to use a Garmin GPS on a motor bike either go for a Zumo, a Streetpilot or a 60Cx, 60 CSx, 76 Cx or a 76 CSx. The latter 4 models are suitable for a bike but have relatively small screens but can provide you with tracklogs and waypoints. The Zumo which is advertised as a GPS for a motorbike has as drawback that it does not store the tracklogs and the Streetpilot has no battery so it will only work with an external power source.

    I myself am using in my truck a 60Cx as I need/want to have the capability of making/saving tracklogs and waypoints and a Nuvi 200W to see as the screen is much larger and more easy to see than to 60Cx.

    Have a look at for a quick overview of the various types of Garmin GPS units.
  18. And the Cambodia map available on that site is routeable on both my Garmin Zumo 550 and my Vista C.
    Using it now touring in Cambodia and Im really happy with it so far.
  19. The guys at Asean Mapper are happy to hear that the Cambodia maps work well. In case you find anything wrong with the map or have waypoints which should be included they would appreciate it if you can let them know at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] so that they can rectify the map with the next revision.
  20. I got the CD from Gadget also just downloaded the file garmin to my SD card plugged it into my Zumo off it went no probs,The lass in the shop in Thong Lo was helpfull if you have further probs give her a call she speaks good english and was helpfull to me.

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