GPS Power cable. Where do you keep it on your bike???

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  1. I hooked up the powercable for my GPS a few months ago. As the GPS is mounted by the handlebars I cable tied the powercable to the front dash area, to lup the GPS into it whenever I use it (not often, about once a month).

    So the powercable is just dangling there, I put a little plastic bag over the connector with elastic band, but after using it I put it when I arrived home and the heat melted the plastic into it. :(

    Was able to scrape it out with a needle and it worked again.

    Next time arriving home I waited until the next day to put the plastic bag cover on the connector but this time it leaked in rain water... connector is ruined so can't plug the GPS into the power. :(

    There's got to be an easier way.

    There just has to be.

    What do ye do with your powercable for your GPS??
  2. Cheers, I'll look into something like that.
  3. They look like a good idea.

    Do you need the both of those Ian?plug and socket? i can`t really see how it works from the pics.
  4. One is a mounted on Your Bike which is the Socket with the Black Flip up lid that seals it when not in use. The other is the Plug that attaches to the end of whatever Power Cable You are using, this plugs into the Socket. These are the Same size and style as the Power Outlets fitted to BMW Motorcycles as standard. Great stuff!
  5. Cheers Ian,got a set on order for the VFR.
    Also got the right RAM bracket from Top Gear bicycle store for it.
  6. Good to Hear Cruising! That should Tidy things up for You!
  7. I got my Powerlet socket and plug but it is not what i thought it was.
    It`s too small for a cigarette lighter type power plug.

    Using a Garmin Nuvi Hardwire Cable (Mini-USB connector)


    Does anyone know of a rubber boot that can be bought to put on the end of the USB cable for when it is not being used?
  8. Why you not take one from a usb stick?
  9. optimate have some nice plug-in accesoires.

  10. Thanks for the suggestions.
    The one marked TM 71 is the type of protection boot i want but having no luck finding one here in LOS.
  11. If you want I AMS the TM-71 to you. Or do you just need the protection?

  12. Thanks again bart,but it is only the rubber boot at the end i need.the plug on the TM 71 doesn`t look like the correct one for my GPS.

    I`ve e-mailed a local GPS supplier and Garmin as well,so see what they come up with.
  13. I hide my cable under the tank when not in use .
  14. Is it live when you hide it under the tank mm or do you have a switch to turn it off?

    I`ve finally come up with a solution i`m happy with.
    A dust cap off the front brake calliper bleeder nipple of a KR 150 purchased from the bike spares shop on Chiang Moi Rd for 40 baht.

  15. I made a hole in the dash-board of my Versys and installed a 12v-socket, where I can plug-in any USB-chager. I have it wired to the battery via a relay to the fuse of the horn. So it is not "live" when the switched-off. The 12v-socket has a cap and it more or less water-proof. Of course when riding with USB-charger plugged in I would not recommend to use it when it is raining.

    Also the 12v-socket has its own fuse. Both fuse & relay are made for a bit higher amp (but of course not higher as the horn fuse) so I could use other things as just a USB-charger also.

    Chang Noi
  16. Ive offered stuff from before and can recommend his services.
    I would try sending him an email and asking if he has that part or could order it for you if you need it really bad.
  17. The cable under the tank is live but has a insulated rubber catch cover when not in use , ducatis have hinged tank so access is easy
  18. I need to get me one of those.

    I'm going to get a new power cable and just keep it under the seat. I'll only use the GPS about once a month but still want to protect the connector, even with it under the seat.
  19. Back in BKK and going to pick up the RAM mount and power cable (and transformer box) today.

    Perhaps an easy solution, what do ye guys think about alligator clips (crocodile clips), that would just clip onto the battery when in use, then off with the seat, unclip them and the whole lot off the bike when not in use?

    It'll only be used once a month. never used crocodile clips before and presume the connect easily enough to the battery.
  20. Im guessing that crocodile clips would jump off the terminals when you go over bumps
  21. Probably true.

    Thinking about a plastic plug connected to the battery, then plug the GPS wires into that whenever I'm going to use it.

    I've no idea what sort of plug I would need to get though, or what it would look like.
  22. Presumably something like:


    But for only 2 cables.
  23. I think you're making this a lot more complicated than it needs to be...
    Get the proper powerlet plug for your device and unplug it when not in use.
    Job done :)


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