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  1. Would prefer to buy one of the same being used by folks of this board. Obviously I don’t see a need to re-invent the wheel when others know what works best in Thailand.

    I would appreciate any post on what you have or what you see as a better unit for Thailand.
  2. Hi Carson, if you want to buy it in Thailand, here's the webaddress of the official dealer who is also the only one with the official map:, cheers, franz
  3. Ihave an as new garmin stretpilot 3, used twice, all extras and books in its original box, will take 7000 baht,you can get a genuine garmin thailand map installed for 11200baht, or im told rotweiler have them for a donation of $50 or $100, mike 0831135929. or pm me
  4. I am pretty new to the GPS stuff but from the advice of GT-Riders i brought a GARMIN 60CSx from Eagle GPS in Pantip Plaza near the Night Bazzar in Chiang Mai. Not Cheap but Maurycy gives excellent service set everything up for me, gave me a few basic instructions and away i went. Really Great once you get the hang of them. I am still doing Basic stuff compared to what it is capable of but still very useful. The Thai Map and info loaded is pretty impressive as well.
    Cheers Ian.
  5. Recommend only a Garmin & probably the 60CSx is the one to go for.
    But I've been using the Map 76S for 4 yrs now & it's been ok for me, except the usual Garmin power supply problems.
    The antennae was weak on the 76S & the 60CSX is vasty superior, however I see that there is now a 76CSX out & I will probably go for that one next year.
    The reason I like the 76 most is because it has the "biggest screen" & would appear to be quite durable in the rough & tumble & wet. The 76 is a marine GPS. Ive got 40,000 kms up on the curent one & had 70,000 kms up on the last one. The screen faded very badly on the last one, but I suspect that would happen with any GPS that sits on my bike for weeks on end in the sun & rain.
    I also recommend Eagle GPS in Chiang Mai for excellent service & info.
  6. I have a Garmin 60CX that I used throughout Laos and Thailand complete with the ESRI map on it if you are interested. I am in Chiang Mai.
  7. B&G
    Got a buyer for you're GPS already. He phoned me yesterday & is ready to do the deal as soon as I get back from Chiang Khong.
  8. Just bought a Garmin 60CSX myself not 5 days ago from a US GPS Store online and saved a packet from the Thai price (14,200 total)including the 60US delivery fee. They come with the US map on but most will put on a more apt map for you. At the moment there is a special 50US cashback for buyers with the US but you will get that regardless of where you come from. I'm chuffed to nuts with it!
  9. B&G??? Big and Gay??? Big and Girl like??? Big and Generous???

    Did you spend much time looking for the best price??? Could you post a link to the website please?

  10. Did I spend much time? Absolutely, but when it comes to the postage and packaging you gain on the swings and lose on the roundabout! I bought mine from and you can track it online from their New York warehouse over to Thailand.

    The last electrical item I bought from the states I was called to customs & Excise in Mae Hong Son when it was delivered wanting to charge me 38% tax on it but after talking to them they nicely they let it go without charge but this time it came straight through to me at my address so no hassle at all. Actually i have just ordered the Garmin Rhino 530HCX and the Rhino 110 full GPS mapping facility (530) with FRS/GMRS 2 way radio in one which I have not found in Thailand as yet. No questions as to why I need 3 units...I'm just a gadget freak plus I never saw the Rhino when I bought the other unit and too late to cancel. Not got the 2 Rhinos yet but happy to report on them in due course. All US garmin products can be found at for comparisons.

    I do feel sorry for the guys with US dollars at the moment considering its decline but bloody brilliant to buy stuff with if you have a stronger currency to transfer!! SWEET!
  11. I got mine from Platinum shop in Pantip Plaza using Nuvi 310, great with helmet blue tooth head set for phone, but that with all new garmin nuvis at least.

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