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  1. Hi

    Just a question for those who make tracks of their routes for future use. I guess there is a difference between road tracks and offroad tracks in that the speeds are likely to be more variable.

    What time/distance spacing do you use for your tracks (the time between points used in making up the track.) What setting has experience shown you to be the best


  2. Toni,

    I normally set track recording in the GPS at "Automatic - Most often". In this way I get very few track points for straight roads/tracks and many more track points for curves. This works well for me when I make GPS maps of my tracks.

    I have also experimented with time/distance settings but in that case I have to Filter the GPS tracks to reduce the size (in Kb) as otherwise the map would get big in size which will effext the redrawing of the map in the GPS.

  3. Sure does, thanks heaps

    Another lesson in letting the software make the decisions for me.

    Appreciated Auke

  4. Ok another question

    When we save our tracks, or import from another persons tracks, how do people make them into routes. I don't necessarily mean route in the garmin sense of the word but follow the tracks previously set by yourself or others.

    Do you use the back track facility and go to starting point and create a backtrack?

    I have saved some tracks here at home and want to practice so am looking for simplified advice on how this is done by those who 'do it'.

  5. do you mean put someone else's track on your gps,then follow that on the map, or make it routable so it tells you'turn left in 2kms' etc?
  6. I guess I mean both.

    I have created some tracks of my own here which I have saved. I want to go back to them again at some stage so am looking for practical advice on how others manage this. It would be the same for others tracks too.

    Do they create a 'route' out of the track

    Do they simply use the trackback facility on the track itself

    As you gather, I am very new to this so am looking for simple words from those who are experienced.


  7. On my gps I can import tracks to mapsource or other programs, and I think I can export them too.
    Once I have a track on my gps I can follow it in realtime
    Trackback comes up with a lot of (unnecesary) instructions sometimes.
    I hope this helps, but I need to know how it's done too

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