Great first ride in Chiang Mai!


Nov 10, 2008
I have been to Chiang Mai many times, but the trip in Oct. was the first where I rented a the last! In the states, I have a CBRF4I so I was looking for something similar. The CB400 I rented from Tony's Big Bikes was perfect. It ran great and was a great match for the Samoeng Loop. The advice given was also great....will definitely be back to rent there.

This loop is perfect for a newby as there is not a lot of traffic and the scenery is beyond fantastic! The only "problem" is that I wanted to stop way too often for pictures. In fact, it would be easy to spend the whole day on that loop. Next year I want to try one of the longer overnight rides and will plan my stay in Chiang Mai to allow more time.

One highlight of the loop ride was rounding a corner and confronting an elephant standing in the road. :shock: You sure don't see that in Florida! Dodging the "deposits" was interesting also.

At first I questioned my ability to ride in Chiang Mai itself with all the traffic, but it only took a little while to get used to the "left" side and all the other bikes in close quarters. I'll still stop in my lane and not lanesplit to the front at lights. The locals probably thought......"why is this guy stopping here....does he not know he's on a bike!"

I also really enjoyed meeting a few of you guys at the "Cafe". It certainly beats walking the night bazaar. :lol:

The only advice I would give is to bring your own gear. I found a nice helmet, but boots and jackets are rare and expensive. :shock:

We have a weekly bike meet in Orlando at which I am trying to recruit more riders for my return trip next year. I figure if I keep yakking about it they will go just to shut me up. :twisted:

Again...great ride...great people...loved it!

Jim :shock:


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Jul 28, 2007
JIM, Thanks for the post. I would like to go to Chiang Mai soon and have been looking into an apartment or some sort of rental for a month. Do you have any advice or recommendations? Do you think I need AC if I arrive within the next three months? Can I get something with TV and a good bed for under 200 US Dollars?