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  1. Patience Peter !! My friend in Pattaya is working on the book right now,
    should be done in three weeks. The green book will come back in your name.
  2. And when Peter wants to sell the bike on ?
  3. making a book in thailand for an Atwin takes at least 3 months (usually six), tranfer of ownership I always thought was a same day process. What is the "one month" process here? If it is a change of names then go to pattaya and go to land office and get the bike transfered same day. I had offers to make my book for 10,000 baht in bangkok within a week when I bought it from an importer (invoice only)years ago. Anyone with a bike and a good color printer can do it and it would have been in MY NAME. Unfortunately living in phuket made this not worth the risk, I waited 6 months and spent 50,000 baht getting it. But I have it here at home and I can sell the bike at will. I have never ever heard of this type of transaction, this being thailand..........anything is possible. Has anyone on this board bought a bike "with a book" and waited one month for it and then gone through the registration update after one year or the five year full bike inspection and everything was ok with the book?
  4. Any bike with a legitimate registration can be transferred at the land transport office in the province where the bike is registered within a couple of hours.

    The registration on the "prized AT" rheikel has sold to Peter obviously has an illegal recycled, copied or stolen book, as Peter says the frame number does not match that of an AT, and the vendor is having "the book sorted in Pattaya". I wonder if all this was explained to Peter before he parted with his money.

    Perhaps rheikel could clear this up for everyone, Peter included, as from where I'm sitting something smells very fishy ............
  5. My information is that Peter understands clearly what is going on. No need to foolishly speculate from a far.
  6. Yes it can be sorted even if the book / regista=ration is dodgy but it will cost money and time , we had a Harley Softail 2 years ago with same problem a dodgy book from chantaburi, when we sold it to a guy in HuaHin the book became an issue and cost 40,000 and 3 months headache to put right.
  7. INTJ.....First get a life, then try to get in more riding time, and log less Internet time. If you are so concerned about the well being of Peter, and wish to act as his free advocate to protect him from the evil machinations of rhiekel, try to email him direct instead of speculating from afar. As David indicated, Peter knows exactly what is going on. He was with me at the vehicle office where I explained everything .

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