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  1. Hi all, I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Danny and I was born and raised in NYC. I have had a tour guide book to Thailand for over 20's turned yellow. :) It's about time I actually made a trip to that part of the world, now that I am retired.

    "Olegeezer", me and Tip, who speaks Thai, will be exploring the highlands and lowlands of beautiful Thailand and Laos in January 2013. We hope to meet as many GT riders as possible while riding rentals for upwards of 2 months.

    Not sure if we should bring camping gear as there are a few pluses and minuses I can think of about that.
    Anyone do camping in Thailand or Laos? I'd love to hear some stories... :)
  2. Danny
    Gday & welcome. It's good to know wwe've got another guy coming to settle intown to do some motorcycle riding.
    Chiang Mai is one of the best places on the planet to base yourself in for that.

    I would not bother bringing any camping gear to use here; there are so many delightful little guesthouses around the the place you will be astounded.
    Travel light is always need to bring the kitchen sink.
    Camping you would probably only do in National Parks & you would pay a premium for that as a foreigner.

    For up country accomodation there are lots recommended on GT Rider here
  3. Thanks David, That's what I thought originally until I met a Laotian fellow who speaks the languages there. He wants to come with us and suggested camping gear. I will consider this further :)

    Your opinion of Chang Mai is very good and is getting me thrilled about the trip. We want to make a border crossing to Laos but we're not sure if the bikes can cross.

    Hope to meet you up in Chang Mai in January :)
  4. Hey everyone, two riders will join me in this the third week of January 2013 in Phnom Penh. We will fly into BKK the first week of Jan. so we'll be hanging out there for a while.
    I am from NYC, the others are from Arizona and West Virginia.
    Hope to connect for beers and meals and maybe a ride or two with rental bikes.
    Anyone in town in January want to show three traveler around? We'll buy the first round... :)
  5. I just downloaded to my Sammy GS3 Droid. Then I grabbed the maps for Thai, Cam, Laos and Myanmar.
    I shut all data and cell functions off on the phone to simulate "lost in the back hills" and it looks like I have truly off line mapping on the phone.
    No need to have a cell or WiFi connection to have a functional GPS system on my phone.

    Now that the last of my midnight oil is burning dimly, I can sleep knowing my GPS issues are solved ... at least for now.
    I'll get to play with this more on the 'morrow.

    Then I can focus on a translator app. :)
  6. I can tell you are itching to get over here and RIDE! The ride for Cambodia charity event looks like good fun and a great cause.

    There are a half-dozen or so GT-Rider members here in Bangkok so certainly drop a line on the forum once you arrive and I'm sure some of us can hook up with you for beers and mischief while you're in town.

  7. We will do that, Tony...Thanks for the invite. Three of us are booked at the New Siam Riverside, Joe and I come in on Jan. 10th. I think one of the first items of commerce on my list will be a good massage. I'll be all tied in knots after that flight.
    Any suggestions? :D

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