GT Rider BBQ Chiang Mai Bike Week

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  1. Bungy & Mrs Bungy

    Count us in

    1. David & Meow
  2. IN like Flynn :)
  3. I'd like to meet up with you all!+1
  4. Ditto what Muzz said.

    Kevin and Randi

  5. Dec.5th is the King's birthday,will bars be serving for CM bike week?
  6. We might be there in time if so we will show up. If I can find the place.
  7. From the lovely Long, Mrs "Bungy": BBQ cost 200 baht ahead. BBQ sticks, salads, bread rolls ++ "as much as you can eat."

    Should be a good time to meet other people & riders.
  8. I asked a girl in BKK

    "Taksin can not, now no Taksin. no problem"...

    Don't know if that will apply in CM tho...
  9. I asked a girl in BKK

    "Taksin can not, now no Taksin. no problem"...

    Don't know if that will apply in CM tho...
    Tawandang is closed in Cnx that night = "happy-go-lucky" has a night off & is very happy & will be at Bungy's barbie too.
    My guess is most places of entertainment will be requested to closed that night.
  10. Hi David, just to confirm, me and Nan will be there. We are driving up from Bangkok early in the week.
  11. Count me in to, looks like I can come on my own bike this year! :D
  12. Will be there too, maybe my better half will join. Peter Dougal will come with me. Silverhawk are you coming too ?? Would like to pay up the B 5k as promised :lol: . Hopefully I can finish the SRX until tomorrow night, so it will be my first short ride on her. Engine's already done and mounted just sorting out one more electrical problem and fitting the oilcooler & fill her up with oild 'n' petrol............
    Cheers & see you at Bungy's on Saturday, Franz
  13. hiang Mai X-Centre

    263 Moo 1.
    Mae Rim-Samoeng Rd,
    T.Mae Rim
    Mae Rim District,
    Chiang Mai,

    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    053-297700 (Voice & FAX)
    08-78336655 (Mobile)
  14. Just to confirm, I will be coming maybe with the 51% shareholder.

    Marco is coming as well.

  15. Well there goes the neighborhood. you may have to come get me guys I'm lost nothing new in that :oops: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  16. i am leaving Pattaya Midday friday ,should arrive CM Midday Saturday .Have not booked a hotel yet as I am told lots of rooms available due to no High season.
  17. I'm stuck in the shop until 17:45 but will make it up for a swift then back into town for the Triumph shop party. See some of you saturday.


  18. Sounds good, me and the Mrs will be also be coming
  19. Ray

    Where you stay in CM? you riding with GPS? it's actually easy t go there as it's all strait out from CM twards to mae Rim.

    Now i remember you stay in that same hotel where the bike week is,,,
    my GPS is in my bike now so i cant give you coordinates,, im sure Ian has them.

    If nothing else i can come and fetch you guys around 2pm

    give me a call in sometime in friday when you arrive and maybe i can send you Coordinates later if you havent got them sooner form here
  20. For the gadget addicts

    The X-Centre
    N18 55.319 E98 55.462

    Mr & Mrs Bungy
    Please add on
    1. Steve King & son, up from Pattaya on a Harley. Steve's a long time mate of mine from my Bkk days 25+ years ago.
    2. Mark & Nikki who just did Vietnam on a Harley.
  21. I will be there too.

    Cheers, Bob.
  22. The Bungy team
    I'd say we are out to 20+.
  23. Can I come too? (Chan ja ma khon dio)

  24. Ally, I think Mr. & Mrs. Bungy would be most happy in seeing you there too as will be all fellow riders............. :lol: :D :wink: .......see u today, cheers, FR

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