GT Rider Chiang Mai Christmas Ride 2008

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  1. Chiang Mai GT Rider Chrissy ride?

    Anyone interested - who's up for one?

    1. Samoeng Loop ... ml#SAMOENG

    2. Phrao Loop ... -CHIANGDAO

    3. Wiang Pa Pao Loop ... WIANGPAPAO

    4. Chai Prakarn Loop ... HAIPRAKARN

    5. The Mae Ngat Loop ... ml#MAENGAT

    6. The Sankhampaeng Loop ... NKAMPHAENG

    7. Mae Chaem - Doi Inthanon Loop ... NTHANONMAE

    1. The X-Centre
    2. The Kafe

    1. Wednesday 24th December
    2. Thursday 25th December
    3. Friday 26th December

    Whaddya all reckon - thoughts & ideas, please?
  2. Hi David (referred to as either: reverred of Git or "The Early Riser"), anything on Fri 26th and ending up at Ian's XXXL Center would be do-able for me.......and please no place where there's loudspeakers screaming: "Jinger Ben, Jinger Ben.......". Will arrive in CNX on Thu 25th late afternoon either on SRX4 or FJR........cheers, Franz
  3. Count me in Dave any day and a loop less than 200k's as it should be a social easy time of year. Ken Fab
  4. depending on which loop you want to take I might crawl long, if still in town

  5. Sounds good to me. Should be able to do it any of the suggested dates. Anything but the Samoeng Loop PLEASE! My bike can do that one without me it knows it so well.
  6. Suited & booted & ready to go!
  7. Friday and anything but Sameong
  8. FRIDAY 26TH it is, and
    The Chai Prakarn Loop 260 kms ... HAIPRAKARN

    Meet at the Kafe 9.30 AM.
    Ex Kafe 10.15 AM

    Ride to Phrao on 1001
    A short break at the PTT for a drink & fuel

    Left at the PTT onto R1150
    Right onto R1346, 35 kms to R107 & "Chai Prakarn"

    Left onto R107 & head south towards Chiang Mai
    Late lunch at the Chiang Dao hill resort
    Regroup & a quick coffee break at the Krua Chiang Dao restaurant in Chiang Dao

    Arrive X-Centre 4.15PM+ for a few happy hour drinks.

    "Should work."
  9. Seeya Friday for fun, adventure, amber fluid and Christmas cheer in that order and I presume the better half will be welcome ?

    Happy & Safe Festive Season
    Ken F
  10. David looking forward to this ride, hopefully on my ride up to CNX on Thursday nothing (pick-up, minibutt, C70, Aitaen, Cow, Buffalo, Dog, Drunk Local,.....) comes in the way of the flying FJR and its steering morron........... :p
    Cheers, Franz
  11. Ken
    Yep no trouble for better halves to attend.
  12. I'm always gonna miss this one due to my annual family Chrimbo visit to Blighty so I'd just like to wish all you guys and all readers/riders of the board a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a great, safe, fun ride whereever you may be! :D


  13. Yep I'll be there enjoying the last weeks/months of riding.
  14. Hey Pikey I trust your enjoying yourself still. Mum's bonnie will miss the outing and cutting off other bikes at those sharp corners haha. Will have a brew or two for ya.

    Enjoy Ken F
  15. thanks David. I am looking forward joining the gang on the daytrip with my aftwin (ex robert's).
  16. THE DAY: Brrh! Cold 'n wet. Almost unbelievable, except it was for real & in late December! But what a thoroughly enjoyable day.

    12 riders started on time from the Kafe.



    Picked up Silverhawk & DTim out on R1001, then Norwegian Per & his son Teddy. Not a bad little group - 16 - considering the cold damp - wet conditions.

    First stop was a Capt'n Slash stop: the 7-11 at the PTT in Phrao. Happy Feet joined in here too - up to 17.




    It was a lengthy stop while we waited for the stragglers to catch up. (Someone almost ran out of fuel.)





    The Snail got the 3rd Degree from some Bkk ladies on a camping holiday.

    Time to regroup for a happy family 7-11 snap shot




    Happy cold GT Riders

    Because of the conditions it was suggested that we cut out R1346 & head straight over to Chiang Dao on R1150, but that got firmly voted down. I was impressed - no wimping out by anyone, despite the almost total lack of rain & warm gear.
    So R1346 it was. R1346 does not appear on many maps, but it is a beautiful motorcycling road - tight, steep, swooping, flowing; 35 kms connecting Phrao with R107 just south of Chai Prakarn.

    R1346 is steep at the south Phrao end

    At the North R107 / Chai Prakarn end it is faster, swooping, flowing.

    Check it out sometime for an alternative exhilarating connection to / from Fang via Phrao from Chiang Mai. You won't be disappointed. (The GT Rider Golden Triangle map has the road on it too.)

    Regrouping on R107








    Next stop was lunch at the Chiang Dao Hill Resort







    Ex Chiang Dao Hill Resort, "saddling up"



    Chiang Dao fuel stop

    Arh. "Home & dry", back at the X-Centre for refreshments




    Cold & wet it was, but miserable it wasn't. I had a great day. Thanks to all for coming.
  17. Thanks David for organising !! It was again a pleasure to meet so many GT Riders for this one. Although the weather and the slippery road conditions were not in our favour, the pleasant company of all made all the other things forgettable. Cheers, Franz
  18. My compliments to the riders for persevering through less than ideal conditions. A great mix of riders and bikes and some very slippery conditions.

    My pillion snapped a few shots on the run. Note the different bikes and riding style.

    (Marc (in red) finding it easier to ride on just one wheel).


    Some great fun; right Ian? :lol:
  19. Guys&Girls

    Nice ride and exelent pictures.
    Silver thanx for missus for nice wheely picture from Marc and i have to lift my non existing hat and salute for those guys who can do wheely and specially in the wet roads,, well done 8)
  20. Thanks again David for getting everyone together for this one & organising the day.

    Glad I left my big camera at home in that weather but here a couple of slightly different angles on the day.

    Maybe this was not really about "Don't drink & Drive" but 'Bring on the rain!'

    Despite the wet there were still happy faces

    David helped a girl with her chat up lines

    Colin looked for his 7-11 record book, a new one to notch up !

    Chiang Dao Hill Resort - beautiful grounds

    A few memorabilia pics






    More Happy Chatty Smiley folks


    And this is what bikes look like after a dirty ride!





    Thanks for the ride, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, on & off the road !

  21. Yet a few more pics with the highlight being the shot of a very happy mi mini me at the discovery of a new 7 11 :p



    Trying to get a shot of every bike proved a bit beyond the speed of my compact digital camera

    But got a couple of shots. And of course last but (maybe)not least
  22. Haaaaaa,, El Capitano close to his reataurantFood Store....

    You guys had fun,,, Franz,, how was the Food Stops??
  23. Right on, I forgot about that. WE stopped at a 7-11 that Slash had never seen or been to before! And most of us went inside before he ever did. So, good stuff pulling that one off I reckon - a bit of a Christmas present to ourselves you could say. 8)
    Slash good to be out on the road riding with you too mate.
    Now if we could only find a road for a group ride that you had not been on would be even better. What about something for 1st April 2009? :lol:
  24. Slash
    Yeah well it could only happen on the 1st April - a group ride with Slash, on a road that he had not been on?? :p :p
  25. Great post guys.

    Commiserations for the weather but it certainly did not dampen anyone's spirit!!!

    Looked a lot of fun and just sorry I could'nt join in.

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