GT Rider Christmas Ride Dinner 2011

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  1. The next Chiang Mai Toy Ride charity ride & give away is on Boxing Day 26th December

    it might be a good idea to combine this ride with a GT Rider get together for dinner after the event.

    Ian & Long at the X-Centre have offered to host a BBQ buffet.

    Expect the Toy Ride event at Chiang Dao to finish around 1.30-2.00pm & that leaves a couple of hours for a GT Rider Christmas ride.

    The convenient loop to do from Chiang Dao would be a Phrao Loop; or with Hmong New Year on it might not be such a bad idea to continue straight up the 107 to Huay Luk, the Hmong village beside the road 100 kms from Chiang Mai. Hang out in the Hmong village, take some photos, enjoy their new year & return straight down 107 to the X-Centre.

    What does everyone think - Huay Luk or the Phrao loop?

    Starting time for the BBQ the X-Centre should be approx 4PM.

    All riders are welcome; especially if you participate in the Toy Ride at Chiang Dao event you are most welcome to join at the X-Centre.

    Cost for the BBQ will be a modest 200 baht to eat as much as you like.

    Drinks you need to pay cash for as you go.

    To cater properly the X-Centre would like to know numbers first, so if you intend to go please post on this thread.
  2. Sounds great but I'm afraid I will be sat on a beach. I hope everyone has a great time and you have a good turn out for the event.
  3. Count me in

  4. Mr and Mrs Hoghead will attend
  5. Tukta and I will be there. As for the ride, we will be at the Toy ride for sure and think the Hmong village may be a bit of a rushed visit given the timings of other events, but would be happy to come back via Phrao.
    Now to be held at Gary & Well's Euro Diner, Rathwithi Road, downtown Chiang Mai.
    starting 5PM.

    Boxing Day
    Monday 26th December 2011.

    Gary & Well need an idea of numbers to cater to, so please post here or contact them direct at the Euro Diner.
  7. Sorry to pass this one :( ... a lot of family around, for holidays in Chiangmai! Looking forward to the January venue.
  8. :D Bump. Any interest. Join in for the Toy Ride charity give away at Chiang Dao, then ride up to Huay Luk the Hmong village or complete a Phrao loop ride, ending up at the Euro for a nosh up & some Chrissy drinks.

    John Gooding will co-ordinate as I'm still in Laos (Luang Prabang) but will be back before the New Year.
  9. Pleased to confirm that Tukta and I will be joining the Toy ride, starting from the X-Centre at Mae Rim at 10.00am. Following the visit to the Children near Chiang Dao, we will ride back to Chiang Mai, via the scenic Phrao route. Anyone who wishes to join on any type of bike is very welcome, it will not be a high speed ride. We will discuss with those joining us going via Phrao wether we go direct to Eurodiner, or maybe return home for a shower and meet later at Eurodiner for dinner. I have talked to Gary and Well at Eurodiner and there is no need to let them know in advance, so feel free to drop in any time evening of 26th, wether you join the rides or not.

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