GT Rider Emergency Fuel Service

Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by DavidFL, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. :oops: :oops: :oops:
    Spotted beside the canal road 8PM Saturday night....



    Arh yes, got him.


    GT Rider to the rescue it was
    note the sticker on the oil container!

    Topped up & off he went...

    Franz it was a pleasure helping you out & you letting me bring my camera along. As one who's helped & supported GT Rider all the time, don't hesitate to ring again when you get stuck.

    :) :) :)
  2. David, many thanks for helping me out here :lol: :oops: :p . Made it home finally but what embarassement..... :oops: :oops: . Never ran out of gas, but no just the first day on the DR650 and splutter-splutter and dead she went. wanted to test how much I can do until I have to switch to Reserve. :cry: . I forgot that Somchai had his hands on this new purchase already and there's no more "Res" function so when it finally stopped the tank was bone dry in the middle of nowhere on Channel Road. Just came back from a testrun via Samoeng and Ian//Long's X-Center. Luckily I got home finally as the clutch has also gone, last kms I slowed before red traffic lights and changed gear just with a hefty kick, no clutch; and today morning there was a big wet spot below it, all petrol that was left from David's canister is gone as the carbs overflowed. So this will be a major carb/petcock/fuellines job today.
    Anyway for a bike that's already 14.5 years, she's astonishingly good condition, low mileage on the clocks and everything's still original. But some things have to be repaired such as tyre change, steering bearings, electrics are a little messed up too. Fitted already the Givi box. Paint job will come in last when everything is in perfect working order.......
    And this thing about calling DavidFL for help will hopefully be a one time only :oops: :wink: . Thanks again FL I owe you !! Cheers, Franz
  3. David

    Thank you for sharing these unforgettable situations,,but true story here i that Dont' run oout of fuel in the middle of now where and KNOW YOUR bike,,,(has it or not res..... :twisted: )
    Franz,, i found you replacement bike already,, look my post from ubon...
  4. Marco, David & meeself knew you would be the first to reply to this post..... :D . No, Hayabusa's aren't my kind of beer as the R1 isn't.... :wink: . Want to live some more years.... :oops: . Still considering to chip out heavy money in the future for either the KTM690 Duke R or the baby Duc Hypermotard......
    Ahhhh got it, not the pink Chaly and not the Fino you posted......
    Maybe I'm gonna paint the DR in Pink ????? :p :? 8)
    cheers, FR
  5. You know me so well, i monitor GTR 12hrs per day when im home,, or if not riding, it's on anyway on my comp even im not home...

    HEY, you heard Mrs.Dougal leaving us,,yes to VC,,we should hav farevell party or ride before he i gone,,what ya think?
  6. Davidgas%20.

    It happens to all of us Franz.................. :oops:
  7. Dave, good to know and I hope not too often this embarrassement..... :oops:
    Marco, yes but where is SHE ???? No posts, no biting comments, no ride reports, no stories, no rumours, nothing really nothing...????? :roll: :? :shock:
    Cheers, Franz
  8. "she" is doing hand over(for work) and something what is not in this pages,,,busy generally as he is selling his bike also(told me last nite),,
    so now i need to continue his tradition of November-december ride up north....
  9. He's really selling the Fazer ??? :evil: But that's his major partner :eek: , why not get rid of the other one (minor) first ???? :oops: :lol: :wink:
    Marco this means we need to fly there and visit him & his Vietnamese fridge & contents in it, don't you agree ?? Or he could come up to Hanoi which is a nice let him settle there first for his temporary stay but then it's PARTY TIME !!!!!!!!!!!
    Cheers, Franz
  10. Franz,, thats for sure, and we need to molest his fridge really badly,,,he is talking abt 3yrs in there,,,but coming back when on leave,,but selling the fazer,,it seems like permanent for me...
  11. Aha! What is this? Someone using my name in vain???

    She? who is this she? Someone judging me by their own standards again?

    Anyway, I'm waiting confirmation of a project in VC and that will decide whether the bike's for sale.
    In that event, you would be welcome to come over and 'molest' my, er, my, um... ah yes my fridge. It's terribly expensive though. B20 for a bottle of beer and B8 for a packet of cigs. I just don't kinow how I'm going to cope!!
  12. PS: don't tell missus about these costs otherwise she's gonna cut your daily allowance for VN significantly......... :lol: :lol: , more money then for Ubonnowhere..... :D :D . No we won't molest anyone (just wait for handsome one to get 20........ :wink: ), just will empty your fridge so not even the B20 per bottle will save you from bancrupcy !!! Won't we Marco ?? 55555555555555 Cheers, FR
  13. Let me find some ancy word for this,,, I'LL BE BACK.
  14. OK Franz,, that is BIG YES from ME,, i will not dissaoint Mrs.Dougal on his last days hi here until he depart to jungles of VN,, Peeeeeteeerrrr, Remember in VN, you always looking for guy name Charlie :lol:
  15. You guys are killin' me! :lol:

    Dougal- selling your FZ1? Don't do it! You'll miss her and have a hard time finding a replacement that has the same mix of comfort and performance.

    Captain Slash- I hope you're not going to dump that plate of food in your tank... Might explain the pinging though... :oops:

    Ride On!

  16. Colin i was totally confuced(Nothing new for me) about your picture, so i have been thinking whole day of it relations ship to running out of Fuel.... :lol:
  17. Fixed the f-up at the DR650's fuel-cock yesterday evening, running out of gas won't happen anymore.... :oops: :wink: , or so I do hope. Got the carb sorted too, overflowing, no vacuum hose, dirty,...........
    When there's time I'm gonna strip 3 liters in a can to the back and try all bikes on how far I can go to 'Reserve' and then to bone-dry..........
    Cheers, Franz
  18. Cool Franz! So, taking the DR to Nan this weekend? Should be FUN! See you soon! Tony
  19. Yes Tony, will be the DR, means I will be a little slower on the road this time, still have to sort out mix of gas/air and idle rpm's tonight. Tomorrow morning I first have to go to Khon Song for technical inspection, then get the rego in my name done, fit the GIVI sidecases and afternoon it's the ride to Nan. See u tomorrow eve, have a safe ride up north !! Cheers, Franz
  20. GUys

    im in Phitsanulok already and tomorrow early afteernoon Nan,, found fantastic hotel here photos and detaisl later room rate 400thb and wifi in the room and hotel 2mths old
  21. Awesome Marco!

    I'm all packed and ready to hit the road. Too bad Bard canceled on you / us but happy to hear you've found nice accommodations in Pitsanulok.

    See you soon!


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