Gt-Rider Windscreen/windshield sticker

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by mikerust, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. mikerust

    mikerust Ol'Timer


    Has anyone suggested these? With GT-Riders going to places like Bang Saen, KL, etc. They might like to have a sticker.

    I haven't got any made before but I'm sure I could have a go. A space for "Chapter" and "Login Name" perhaps.
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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Send me your postal address & I'll send you a few stickers.
  4. Azoulay

    Azoulay Ol'Timer


    Look at the latest SUZUKI DRZ 400 I bought, GT-Riders stickers are proudly placed on it !!!

    I have all the panoply...The stickers, the embroided shirt, everything maybe David you should think about c...s
  5. mikerust

    mikerust Ol'Timer

    Another briliant Idea of mine preempted[:)]

    Wasp Perimeter Security Systems Ltd
    79/35 Soi Pumichit
    Rama IV Road
    Klong Toey
    Bangkok 10110
  6. mikerust

    mikerust Ol'Timer

    Thanks David
  7. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Hi David, thanks for the stickers you gave me last weekend, will post fotos of 2 bikes & car with stickers on it this weekend. One problem I encountered, when put onto a smooth surface, they peer off easily when in the open sun. Proposal: send me the layout and colourcodes of the stickers and I try to get you professional ones for even a cheaper price, yours are done right now in a local printshop in CNX I presume. At our factory I use labels every day in the thousands and have them done in Bangkok for industrial prices. Cheers, Franz
  8. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks a million. Files are on the way email. When are you next in Cnx?
  9. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Hi David, received the files already, will have my purchasing staff contact the company on monday, as they are square and do not have any hole, there will be no charges for die-cut plates, the quality for our stickers used for our products is very very high, the prices are very low. I just replied to you in an email and asked for amounts for both big and small ones. Another member also contacted me as he needs some for his son, so I will get both done together with another order from our factory, that's where its getting really cheap as we buy them on rolls.....

    CNX will not take too long as the appartement I'm looking for will soon be available. Maximum in 3 weeks will see u there, hopefully I get the stickers until then too. Cheers Franz

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