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  1. The initial preview of a new GT Riders Google Map is now viewable... Its aimed at serving multiple purposes;

    * Providing a centralised, geographically correct resource for GT Riders recommended accommodations, restaurants, pubs etc
    * Providing online, illustrated maps of highways and loop rides
    * Providing online, illustrated maps of towns within the GT Riders Website Network

    NB: Shows temples, pubs, hotels, restaurants, hot springs, barber, scenic shots etc.
    Click on a few of the icons (temples are nearly all done) and note that there is an image on most, and links to more information on many...

    Online examples include;

    GT Rider: regional view, need to zoom in on a location. ... ite-places

    Highway 1148: click on the road, click on the Landscape Icon ... 37021&z=11

    Highway 1149: click on the road, see the video ... 04628&z=14

    Chiang Rai - ... ite-places
    Mae Sariang - ... cation-map
    Nan -
    Fang - Link removed

    We can illustrate any Highway or Loop ride, using images already contained in GT-Rider posts...

    This is being followed up (in February 2010) by an upgrade to the Forum software that will provide the ability to insert video clips into Trip Reports.
  2. Looking nice Ben, good job and very helpfull im sure for many guys
  3. Hi Marco

    Thanks for the encouragement :)

    The map alone is going to be a major undertaking, and on top of that we've got 20+ north Thailand websites under construction as part of the "GT Riders Tourism Information" websites project... probably take us the rest of my life! :roll:
  4. Very cool! Keep up the excellent work!
  5. A must have !

    Naive question=

    will it be only online? A dream would be to make it down loadable to GPS AND GTR makes money from it.

    The unavoidable sad part of exciting technologies = hardly any secrete spots left to discover for yourself.

    I admire your perseverance.


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