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Discussion in 'Festivals & Events - S.E. Asia' started by Franz, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Hi Guys, as promised months ago I'm gonna do a house party for GT-Riders on Saturday 24th of October. I will post you directions on the weekend. Party will start at 12:00, I will provide various grills, breads salads, and some Thai yummies for your partners, real beer (not Chang) whiskey, Spey and softdrinks. Visitors come by bike will be most welcome, Peter Dougals in cars hmmmmmmm I don't know yet :lol:. Would like to know who will join so to be able to get enough food & drinks. everybody on a bike is welcome :D !!!! Cheers, Franz
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  3. Dougal

    Dougal Ol'Timer

    Yes I will be in a pick-up.
    SWMBO and HWILTBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed & He Who Is Learning To Be Obeyed) out-voted me at the recent family meeting. To be honest I think either one without the other could have achieved the same result!!

    AND 2 other GT boys have asked for a lift from hotel to house in anticipation of being incapable of riding bike!!

    Anyway, that aside.........................I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer


    I'll be there,,, So no horse piss in the menu,, well lucky my beemer has big banniers,,,

    Other thing was Mr.Dougal came with the CAR?? or should we call HIM as Miss Dougal????

    I have how ever small problem still with my drive shaft what im trying to correct and hopefully get it fixed before the time of the party,,,
    Franz, do you have GPS coordinates to your "casa"
  5. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Miss Dougal sr. & jr. plus Mr. Ohm are gladly welcome to join !! :? So when you will arrive ?? Coming up in the powderbox eeeh ??

    Mr. Mintuu, of course for you I will get some FHP, but don't tell anyone as I have to hide it into some quiet place. Don't want to loose my face wouldn't I ?? By the way did Ms. Peter refer to you he should be taxiing in a non rideable state ?? :oops: Who's the other one ??

    GPS codes to be posted over the weekend.
    Looooooooking vellllly mut fowad to welcommmm UUUU.
    Cheers, FR
  6. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    I hope I got this one right and you don't drive up to Ulaan Bator.... :oops: , cheers, Franz
  7. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    You're a star - thanks in advance from all GT Riders. See you there with madam Meow.
    LOL :) :)

    PICO-PICO Ol'Timer

    Franz ,with all the bikes coming this is certainly a good way to make yourself a name in HangDong. How would a Thai translation look =


    Where do we start lining up the many bikes ?
    Any police cover ?

  9. Pikey



    Your timing is impeccable sir. For only the second time this year, I will be away from Thailand and unfortunately, it will be over that weekend :(

    Have a great time!


  10. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Just a reminder

    Saturday 24th of October

    it would be appropriate for all you guys to turn up wearing a GT rider shirt. ... t5001.html

    Please do so for a nice group photo.

    If you have not got one, pop into Mr(s) Mechanic on Moon Muang & pick one up.
  11. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    OK Boss

    just did 200km test ride with bike and it's working, with minor problems...
    Franz,,Horse piss ready???? what bush you hide it so i can find it....
  12. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    OK guys I'm Leaving tomorrow from UBON via Yasothon to Khon Kaen then taking HW12 to Phetchabun where i stay overnight in Burapa hotel and then continue HW 12 to Phitanulok and Sukhothai and to HW 1 to CM, any one on the road and have same destionation wanna hook up???

    Doing little change to route, after Phetchabhun, then phitsanulokUttaradit then just before Phrae turn left from Den Chai to Lampang and then CM
    total distance just under 900Km doing 50-50 each day, talking easy and leave space for picture talking and rain(if any)
  13. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    David, you're right, and for the cheap Charlies, they still can borrow one from me.... :oops: .
    Marco, FHP already ordered.......have a save ride tomorrow !! Miss Dougal is already up to Sukothai and whining he's not allowed to drink one more beer, well it's not his Master Ohm that forbids him but the young goreous little lady from Ubon (dooeeyy) that made him suffer..... :wink:

    Anyway, as I have no idea on how many guys & gals are coming, just for you to know: grills (sausages, pork, chicken, fish, salads, dressings, breads, for the local gals some northern food, flied lice and of course somtam dooooeeeeyyy...... :? Snacks, coffee, tea, real Beer, Jameson, coke fanta soda, Spey Winecoolers, anyway if we run out there's a good shop some 100 meters away. Yes and if somebody runs out of cigarettes, I'll have some......all that you need to bring is good mood and hunger/thirst. for some who have eaten too much, I still have some 3 bottles of fathers plum medicine from Austria, always helped me to fall into a coma like sleep...... :shock: .......
    Looking very much forward to welcome u all, see you on Saturday & ride safe !! Cheers, Franz
  14. KenYam

    KenYam Ol'Timer

    Good onya mate your party sounds like the place to be on Saturday, sorry I will miss it still away working - cheers - have a good one.
  15. schackster

    schackster Ol'Timer

    Hi Franz, we havent yet had the opportunity of meeting any of you yet since we moved up to CM. With your blessing the Mrs and I would like very much to pop in and say hi. We live very near to you (Home in Park).

    Gary & Sandra
  16. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Gary & Sandra, you're welcome, so see you on Saturday !!
    Ken when do you get back to LOS ? Cheers, Franz
  17. pee

    pee Ol'Timer

    Hi Franz,

    Also curious to see what you do to these SRX6... So with your blessing I 'll be happy to attend your party with my partner.
  18. Auke

    Auke Ol'Timer

    Hi Franz,

    Might pop in also late in the afternoon for a short while.


  19. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Eric & Auke, you are most welcome to join, Auke I still owe you some beers for the successful installation of software onto my antique Streetpilot 3.
    Eric, you won't believe what I just found this weekend on my SRX600's engine. A screwup that goes beyond my understanding: as obviously some local 'mechanic' fitted a SR500 sleeve & piston into the SRX600 cylinder. Piston obviously touched the valves, so grinded it down with an angle grinder and also grinded a little on the sleeve. F... up the threads of the mains for cylinderhead fastening while drawing the 600 sleeve and inserted some other threads with imperial values. Cylinder is 'glued' to the housing with some kind of 'superglue' not silicone. Just found out the 500 problem when I checked the head and the strangly bent main gasket between head and cylinder. Exhaust Valves by the way didn't close even once. Inlet valves were missing the sealing caps, valves were completely packed in 'puss'........I'm gonna take pictures of that and post it. Especially the piston&sleeve in 500cc is what blew me out of my shoes, you can see yourself tomorrow. The bike took me 2 months, the engine will take 4................and I still don't know what awaits me inside the housing, gears, oilpump..............engine was bleeding oil like a pig at the slaughter's when still in one piece.........see u on Saturday !! Cheers, Franz
  20. KenYam

    KenYam Ol'Timer

    Franz sounds like you are organising a ripper party. I trust you and other GT Riders will enjoy yourselves and you have organised a few surprises for all. The sooner I am home the better, working sucks and the rebuild on your Yammy SRX600 will be completed before I see LOS agian.

    Regards to all
    Ken F
  21. chiangmairich

    chiangmairich Ol'Timer

    Franz, I would love participate in your hospitality but I fly out tomorrow to meet a mate flying over here from Aus,
    Then R&R at Patters for a few days...Bugger!! Only redeeming factor is i have got him to fill up his bag with a few nice bike goodies!
    Anyway have a good one guys.

  22. pee

    pee Ol'Timer

    Ouh la la... The SRX 6/SR 500 saga seems very interesting indeed. Should be recorded for future researchers.
    Just a short question as I don't use GPS and am not that familiar yet with the Hang Dong area: how far is "Koolpuntville 9 ('The Legend', Arcade 4, first soi left, No. 88/87)" from Airport Plaza?
    Just approximately (500 meters, 1 km, 5 km...) so that I can open my eyes when I 'll have to turn.

    Sorry to disturb you with that as you might be busy.
  23. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Eric, should be around 5 kms. you go onto HangDong road from the airport plaza big junction. There's the first trafficlight under a pedestrian bridge just in front of Tesco, straight through, then you pass the next one near BigC, straight trough, then comes a PTT station on your left, next traffic light where you could go to CNX night safari, straight trough, then another one where you could go to Samoeng, straight trough. then you pass another traffic light and KP9 comes approximately 700 meters on your left; there's a roundabout with a big pillar in orange-brown before it, a fountain in its middle. The rest is then simple as above. See u 2morrow, FR
  24. monsterman

    monsterman Ol'Timer

    Congratulations Franz...cant make it as I am in YUK until 6th Nov.


    PICO-PICO Ol'Timer

  26. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Guys, thank you all for coming !! Although we were not in the hundreds, I hope all of you enjoyed food , drinks and company of each other !!!
    As I hosted, fotos I didn't take much on my own but here's three of them with the usual comments about my favourite subjects; now one has been added..... :lol:

    "The 3 Monkeys" ...... anyone finding differences between what's in their hands and ........... should give him/her kind comments :oops: :wink: :

    A small Group of GT Riders discussing the serious things of life such as food, drinks and motorbikes, well yes also women....... :p , that was really serious.........:

    That's what was left on survivors at 22:00:

    It was a pleasure again in meeting all you guys and, many thanks for the three + 1 monkeys :roll: , what did they want to tell me I wonder :cry:
    Cheers, Franz

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