GT-Riders ON FOOT,(Not ordinary ride report)55555

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  1. OK, this started odd but i can say it was BLAST, talking about BLAST, we where Jeff wifes(Kat's)home village and looking they Ban Fai(rocket festival) and i can say that was awsome

    This time i will not post any pictures,instance this vdo clip
    it's abt 10minutes long and it will speaks by it self's


    look that one rocket what fell almost our heads,, missded us by 30meter's
    and cows by 2meter's that was close call to them.

    we where all "Blasted"whole day.
    i have to Schrink the pictures a littla and will poste them differently tomorrow,, until then enjoy
    while you watching this Jeff,Ian Bungy, Bob and 2 others(I'm really sorry guys, im so bad in names,, it's take me some time to remember more than 2-3 names same time) :cry: are on the way back to CM,,mostlikely stoping to Phitsanullok and looking Moto GP..
  2. You guys certainly had a fun time there :wink:

  3. Ally
    you are so correct, byt the towards the end of the day, few "Older" riders slept nicely in they chairs,,,,LOL but that only gave them more power towards to sisaket NON existing nite life,,,,,
  4. That is reaaly impressive, those rockets are getting some height!
  5. Scotty

    yes some of them and few aimed directly to next village LOL and few times as you saw we had to duck un the rood as some debree is falling to our heads,, but like said,,Lots and lots of fun :lol:
  6. Colin

    it's defenently something to look for, never know what's gonna happen,, are they gonna blow b4 they even leave launching pad and where they are going and mostly where they gonna land,, as you saw,,few of them game really close.. :wink:

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