GT Riders Post Songkran Dinner Cnx

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  1. Franz Eastern Seaboard has offered to host a GT Riders post Songkran dinner at a restaurant in Lanna Condo Friday night.


    Sorry but the restaurant name & time are still out there in my inebriated Songkran haze, however the details will come in by Friday. So you all stay tuned now....

    Now what's this about a GT Rider (not Franz) losing his bike on Monday night / Tuesday morning. Forgot where he parked it, but in actual fact he'd given it to me to ride home, after I dropped him off at 2.00am & he continued on until sunrise.
  2. Hi guys, the Phuket Poofters will be arriving on mass Thursday morning.

    The 3 of us, (half the Phuket contingent of the GT-Riders, Southern Thailand Division), are Simon, Noel and TJ, and we very much look forward to attending Friday nite.

    On Sunday or Monday our plan is to ride to Pai, then Mae Hong Song, Mae Sot, then all points south, finally ending up in Phuket, 5-7 days later.
  3. Sorry lads, dinner's postponed. Franz has been called away for the day tomorrow. More later.
    So why not sponsor ourselves with some nice cool drinks down by the river at River Terrace, from 9pm on, Friday 18th.

  4. Sorry to all of you guys but had to go for family reasons to SaMun and came back late in the evening, invitation is not cancelled but only postponed, will come up for a longer period in June and we'll catch up then. Could not even visit Ian although I planned, also only postponed. Cheers, Franz
  5. No Worries Franz, You are more than a Host to everyone everywhere you go and It isn't Necessary you should let us Treat You sometimes Mate. Saw you other Post on Your Bikes. Your F650 is a Nice Bike in Black and should serve you well in Chiang Mai and Surrounding Areas!!! The FJR will serve you well on the Fast Highways down there also. How did your 750Seca turn out? Did you rebuild it OK?All the Best Mate and See you soon.
  6. Hello Ian or "The Bungy" :p as some CNX guys smilingly call you when you're not in hearing range.........FJR is a great commuter too even though its heavy like a freighttrain, got my cases and can't wait for my first real tour on it (CNX to Bowin was not a tour but a one-day run-in), with plate I'm now able to fly to Pattaya without being bothered by the guys in brown. F650 made her real offroad debut to a small Lisu village near SaMun (Huey Num Dung, my better half's village) by proving it's an easy dirtbike too; only the sidecases I won't carry to this jungle place anymore, nearly tore off my right foot while going up a steep hill on the backwheel and my friend, she's heavy, today still have ants in my fingers.....XJ750Seca was technically rebuilt except the repainting & starterclutch, tonight she will be handed over to one of my few, reliable real Thai friends for free. He will drive her to her new home somewhere in Muak Lek // Khao Yai but I will see her sometimes when we get together for a ride. He helped me very much when I first set up a business in Saraburi, even helped me financially when my company went bust in the 2007 financial crash when one big customer failed to pay up.....I'm owing him (not money, but many thanks & a small present in form of a technically repaired 26 year old XJ), because now he's in a poor financial situation. I'm gonna be up there in CNX again in May and will come to see you now that things are sorted out both with the bikes and privately :D . Company problems are something else :evil: ........................cheers mate !!! Franz

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