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  1. It was at Chiang Khong that we lost Marco who had to rush home for a familly emrgency. Was really sorry to see him go.

    For the rest of us it was up and at it and Dave and Mai led us off down R1155 and left up to Phu Chi Fah.
    On the road up to Phu Chi Fah:

    At one point we reached the end of the tarmac and in the middle of a slow lazy U-turn David was overcome with fatigue and decided to rest:


    After David was fully rested we continued on and had a , yes you guessed it, a coffee break:
    Having lost Marco I found another coffee lover in David. This is at a market road with some of the resorts dotted about:


    Here's one of the views up there:


    We finally came down the mountain and discovered ourselves on the "King of the North" road the R1148. The other guys have posted some good shots so I'll just add a couple of views:



    John mentioned the Trent puncture and for me it was just amazing what you can get fixed in the middle of nowhere.


    And Trent showing his happiness and satisfaction of the princely sum of 20 Baht total cost:


    We got into Nan and stayed at the Nan GH. Great breakfast.

    The next morning TonyBKK and Trent headed off back to BKK and John headed West back to Chiang Mai for his 5,000km service.

    That left David & Mai and myself. We headed for Doi Pukha.

    On the R1081. This just a sensational road:




    Up on Doi Pukha the second highest point in Thailand:


    The lovely couple David & Mai on Doi Pukha:


    A great big "Thank You" to David & Mai who opened the doors of their beautiful residence to us and took time out to show us around some stunning Thai roads and sights.

    It was at this point that the 51% shareholder instructed me to present myself with my credentials to her 'loftiness' in Nong Khai.
    Had a lovely last evening with David & Mai on the banks of the river in Nan and we finally parted the next morning.

    I headed down to Dan Sai on R1083 and R1268. R1083 is still a beauty:




    Arrived in Loei and stayed at the King Hotel. Recommended.

    The 51% shareholder called ( felt a bit ridiculous standing to attention in the hotel reception) and informed me that I may continue my meanderings as she was going to Ubon.
    Lost a day in Nan with David & Mai!!

    I made up for it by travelling back down to Petchabun with a little detour.
    Inspired by David Unk and Capt Slash and boy I'm really glad I did it.




    Yep, Phu Hin Ronkla. The road as Capt Slash reported has deteriorated badly. I managed it on a road bike so the adventure bike guys should have no problem.

    Saw some road repair machinery at the Lom Sak end so hopefully they will start to repair this incredible road.

    Final shot coming down from Phu Hin Ronkla and looking at the Dinosaur backbone:


    A great trip with many great memories.
    Thanks to all who joined in and whom we met along the way.
  2. Peter what amazing road the one at Phu Hin Rongkla, Hopefully now the rainy season is gone they will repair it quickly !! Looks like something from the Alps, meandering down with lots of turns..... :lol: , I'm sure you liked that one !!!! Cheers, Franz
  3. Peter
    You started as 3 bikes from Chon Buri,then 4,then 5 in Phetchabun, we rode we laugh,you drank and we watched, from Mae Sariang we pick up 2 bikes, how ever 2 left for MHS so we are back to 5,went to Doi inthanon force of 3,came down same way,started next day for 3 bikes,and lost john,down to 2,arrived to CM at 2bikes,then lost 2 to go back home, then re-enforced by Tony and Trent David & Mai up to back to full force of 5 bikes, but lost John("Sick") we are 5bikes, found John at GT but lost him and found later up to 6 bikes. Then I have to depart down to 5, next to go was Tony & Trent down to 3, then you lost John down to 2, and finally, you have to finish all fun alone,that is not fare, but have to say, what a rollercoast ride it has been, not for me,not for you, for every one.
    Many Different nationalities different back rounds but we all pull it together, had really FUN and laughter
    I wanna do it again soon

    BIG THANS AGAIN TO Peter who did outstanding job to plan and make so many people happy on this modest tour.
  4. Dougal
    Brilliant stuff notching up that one. It's a bit alright eh?
    You've got great photos of it too - I'm sure they will inspire more riders to seek this one out.

    My photos of it from 1992 are here ... t4409.html

    R2331 the Phu Hin Rongkla road is one of the best & most spectacular roads & rides you can do in Thailand I think. Absolutely exhilarating when you're out there riding it. And the views ooh la la.

    The history & geography of PHR is also worth checking out ... id=86&lg=2
  5. Thanks for the replies guys and kind words.

    Phu Hin Ronkla is a must do.

    If I give anyone the inspiration to go out and do it...... great.
    But remember its you guys who gave us the inspiration and set the standards and benchmarks which, for myself, is a real pleasure to try and match.

    Many thanks.
  6. Hope you don't mind but I posted that photo on another forum as the reason you need to go to Northern Thailand for real riding.

    Looks superb.

  7. No problem at all Daewoo. Glad you liked it and thought it worthy of posting.
  8. Great report and nice photos. David and Mai are good friends and always fun to be with. Throw in the rest of the group you put together and it had to be a lot of fun.

    Just one comment/correction. Doi Puka doesn't even make it onto the top 10 list of tallest mountains that I have. Defiantely not the second highest point in Thailand ( Doi Pha Hom Pok Altitude: 2,285m) but still a great ride and view.
  9. Simply put - stunning.

    Thanks Dougal

  10. Silverhawk,

    I stand corrected. I really don't know where I got that from. I certainly did'nt look it up, I think someone just said something about it like that.

    Good information. Now I'll have to find those other mountains!!
  11. Just did google search and spot it this one.

    It should be close to official list.(Or not)

    Thailand - Highest Mountains
    Name Elevation Latitude/Longitude
    1 Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai 2,565 m 18.583 / 98.483
    2 Loi Un, 2,131 m 20.035 / 99.044
    3 Khao Mokochu, 1,960 m 15.926 / 99.1
    4 Khao Ta U Cho, 1,780 m 15.854 / 99.101
    5 Khao Plai Huai Kha Khaeng, 1,687 m 15.814 / 99.127
    6 Khao Yai, Uthai Thani 1,554 m 15.411 / 99.342
    7 Khoa Thong Chai, Surat Thani 1,530 m 18.829 / 99.5
    8 Doi Sam Liam, 1,456 m 19.566 / 100.462
    9 Doi Nam Dan, Phayao 1,429 m 19.533 / 100.467
    10 Taungdangyi, 1,325 m 18.618 / 97.778
  12. Peter, Thanks for bringing this one into the limelight again, and David for the previous trip photos and the Nat Park info etc.
    This one is almost on my doorstep and I knew nothing about it. The 2016, is also a great road not so far away and the one that Capt reported on recently. I must get up to the 2331 soon, How exiting riding a road that Captn Slash has not been on, better be quick, looks ideal for the GS
  13. Hi Daewoo,
    Northern Thailand???, would be interested to hear what others think but I think the 2133 is just about in Isaarn.

    Anyone any idea where Isaarn finishes and the North starts?
  14. The list I have is;

    (1) Doi Inthanon
    Altitude: 2,565m
    Location: Jomthong / Mae Chaem / San Patong districts
    ca. 30 km southwest of Chiang Mai
    National Park office at km 57 on highway 108
    Attractions: Sakura flowers, Siriphum waterfall (km 30), Mae Klang waterfall (km 8), Mae Ya waterfall (km 1), Brijinda cave (km 8.5), Wachiratarn waterfall (km21), Mae Pan waterfall (km 37), Beauty Spot (km 41), Summit Ang Ka Luang Nature Trail
    Accommodation: Touch Star Resort (053 267-364,, Inthanon Highland Resort (01-9610-361,, National Park Office (053 268-550, 053 268-577)
    Best time to visit: December to early February

    (2) Doi Pha Hom Pok
    Altitude: 2,285m
    Location: Mae Fang National Park, Fang district, ca. 160 km north of Chiang Mai
    Note: 4W vehicle is recommended/Some areas are only accessible on foot
    Attractions: Fang Hot Spring, Rare plants and orchids, hiking along the Nature Trails, Pu Muen waterfall, Mae Heng Yai waterfall
    Accommodation: Mae Fang National Park Office (053 453-517-8) Six lodging houses and camping grounds
    Best time to visit: December to March

    (3) Doi Luang Chiang Dao
    Altitude: 2,225m
    Location: Chiang Dao district, 5km west of Chiang Dao, 75 km north of Chiang Mai
    Note: this mountain is only accessible on foot
    Attractions: impressively shaped mountain range, Doi Kew Lom summit, Doi Pyramid summit, wild plants, grasslands
    Accommodation: tents only – no facilities. Doi Luang Chiang Dao Wildlife Santuary (053 455-802)
    Best time to visit: December to March

    (4) Doi Ang Khang
    Altitude: 1,900m
    Location: Ban Khum/Mae Ngon, Fang district, 150 km north of Chiang Mai
    Attractions: Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang, Kew Lom viewpoint, Ban Khob Dong handicraft village, Ban Nor Lae, Burmese border beauty spot, mule riding, bird watching.
    Accommodation: Royal Agricultural Station (053 450-110, 02 2553-960)
    Best time to visit: December to February

    (5) Doi Hua Mae Kham
    Altitude: 1,850m
    Location: Mae Salong Nok/Mae Fa Luang district close to Myanmar border region, 100km northwest of Chiang Rai
    Attractions: Orchards, Mexican sunflower plantations, tea plantations, Namtok Hua Mae Kham Park, Ban Doi Hua Mae Kham Akha and Lisu hilltribe village, Hua Mae Khan waterfall, Wat Doi Hua Mae Kham
    Accommodation: Camping at Hua Mae Kham Park, Lodges at Hua Mae Kham Agricultural Center (053 918-101, 053 600-531), Baan Hua Mae Kham (053 609-106, 07 192-055)
    Best time to visit: All year

    (6) Doi Suthep/Doi Pui
    Altitude : 1,685m
    Location: Mae Tang, Hang Dong, Mae Rim districts on Chiang Mai’s northwest side
    Attractions: Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Huay Kaew waterfall, Monthathan waterfall, Chiang Mai viewpoint at km 13.5, Phu Phing Royal Palace, Doi Pui summit, Doi Pui Hmong village, bird watching
    Accomodation: in town or Doi Suthep-Pui National Park (houses, lodges call 02579-5734, 02 579-7223, tent ground call 053 295-177)
    Best time to visit: All year

    (7) Doi Pha Tang/Pu Chi Fah
    Altitude: 1,635m
    Location: Doi Pha Mon, Ban Pha Tang district, Wiang Kaen district, 100 km east of Chiang Rai next to Laos border
    Attractions: Bauhinia blossom, Doi Pha Tang hiking, Talay Mork (misty sea) vista, Hmong and Akha villages, Phu Chi Fah summit, Doi Pha Mon highland development center.
    Accommodation: Phu Chi Fah Park Office (053 918-764), Phu Chi Fah Resort (07 938-911, 01-522-519), Toeng District Tourist Information Center (053 795-345)
    Best time to visit: November - February

    (8) Doi Tung
    Altitude: 1,509m
    Location: Mae Fah Luang District, 100 km north of Chiang Rai, next to Myanmar border
    Attractions: Mae Fah Luang Botanical Garden, Doi Tung Royal Villa (Phra Tammak Doi Tung), The Princess Mother Museum, Doi Chang Mub summit (gardens and viewpoint), Phra That Doi Tung, hill tribe villages, Jud Song Sam Kwaen viewpoint, beauty spot at km 12.
    Accommodation: Ton Nam House (053 767-015-7 ext. 230, 231), Doi Kham Resort (053 763-092, 053 763-039)
    Best time to visit: All year

    (9) Doi Khun Tarn
    Altitude: 1,374m
    Location: Tha Pla Duk and Mae Tha districts of Lamphun province, approx. 35 km southeast of Chiang Mai
    Attractions: Khun Tarn railway tunnel, evergreen forest, Yor1 resting point, Mom Rajawong Kukrit Pramot’s lodgings at Yor2, view on Doi Suthep and Doi Inthanon from Yor3, wild orchids, summit with view over Lamphun and Lampag provinces, Tad Mei waterfall.
    Note: this mountain is only accessible on foot
    Accommodation: Khun Tarn National Park lodgings (053 519-216-7), Bungalow Train (02 621-8701 ext. 5217, 02 225-6964)
    Best time to visit: All year

    (10) Doi Mae Salong
    Altitude: 1,440m
    Location: Mae Fah Luang District, 90 km northwest of Chiang Rai, next to Myanmar border
    Attractions: 101 tea plantation, tomb of General Tuan, Santi Khiri village, Phra That Sinakarindhra, Sakura road (blossoming from December ot February), hill tribe festivals during the winter season
    Accommodation: Mae Salong Resort (053 765-014-8, 053 765-132-4), Khum Nai Pon Resort (053 765-001-2)
    Best time to visit: All year

    Fortunately they are all in the North, so I can "brag" I have been to them all, for whatever that is worth. :?

    But I see some on Marco's list top my list, so who knows? I honestly don't remember where I found mine. Maybe mine IS JUST Northern Thailand.
  15. Great pics Peter- makes me want to jump on an airplane back to Thailand so I can ride through the holidays. :wink:
    Happy Holidays and all the best!
    Tony, Nong and Little Mir
  16. Silverhawk,

    Great info and detail. Thanks.

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