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    Inspired by an article in 'Bike' magazine here in the UK where a guy rented a bike in Chiang Mai and rode the MHS loop I booked a flight to Chiang Mai and arranged to rent an XR250 from Mr Mechanic.
    I had a great time right from being picked up from the airport by the delightfull Mrs Mechanic to meeting the revered old git in the Kafe on my return to CM.
    I decided to head for the Golden Triangle after getting a GT Riders map and found it easy to follow, I stayed in Tha Ton ,Chiang Khong , Chiang Kham, Nan and Phrea, I found some fantastic roads and really friendly people.
    The Soldiers Museum at Mai Salong
    The Rock formations at Sao Din
    Rainy morning in Chiang Kham,
    I did'nt try all the loacal delicacies!
    No, he was'nt saying " Take that pic and I'll trow you in jail"
    Plenty of petrol stations around !

    All in all a fantastic trip,I'll definatly be back !

    All the best Gary.
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  3. daewoo

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    Nice pics Gary,

    good on you for being more adventurous doing more than the usual MHS Loop...


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