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  1. Hi guys, in celebration of a new job I'm gonna do another house party on Sunday 11th of April at my place in Koolpuntville 9 near Hang Dong/CNX. This is just an advanced warning, more details to come. Hope that plenty of you will be able to make it. Cheers, Franz
  2. I'll be there if there is Horse piss available and im home that time,, can i sleep in your yard as well???
  3. Marco, you're most welcome, can sleep in the yard with Jenny :lol: , will have HP avvailable too !!!! :wink: , when r u back in LOS ? Cheers, FR
  4. im back on 20th Jan but i will have ship security escort from Suez via Gulf of aden to Singapore maybe in Feb-March,, so if you have it in April maybe pirates will relice us by then,,,LOL, i will tell them tha tyou have party,,,maybe that will help,,5555
  5. Need to postpone to a later date, will post anew once clear. Will not be in CNX at that weekend, rgds, Franz
  6. Franz - Selfishly I'm glad you'll have to postpone. I missed your last gig due to a roadtrip but I'll be back mid April so will hopefully be able to make this one.

    Trying to get some of the SSR's from BKK to come also is a great idea. Let's hope Bard, Johnny, Frank and the others are in the country at the time and up for a ride.

    Congrats on the new job and here's hoping things go well for you.
  7. Cheers Franz!

    I was sorry I missed the last one- looked like good fun!

    Let us know when the party is on and hope I can make it with a few SSR Hooligans in tow :mrgreen:

    (I'm headed to the US for a month at the end of April so hope it's before then!)

    Happy Trails!

  8. Justin & Tony, many thanks ! Now what about after Songkran ?? Either the 2nd Songkran weekend or a week later :lol: :D . Cheers, Franz
  9. Hi Franz!

    Well, if you're taking requests :mrgreen: then the weekend of April 23rd would be best for me. I'll have my son the weekend before which would make it impossible to ride up, but we could always drive up, so either weekend is fine really.

    Look forward to seeing you soon!

    Happy Trails,

  10. Franz-

    I entered it in my calendar and THEN read through the post to see the cancellation.

    Any date is fine by me. I always enjoy dates with you. :wink:
  11. Franz

    I got the info few days ago that i FINALLY getting tyres so im not handycapt any more so have you finalized the pissup date yet?
  12. Guys, party will be held on Saturday 24th of April at my house !! More details to follow, rgds, Franz
  13. Outstanding!
    I've placed a deposit on a stunning GSXR K6 that should be mine next week and look forward to riding it up to your place for the party!
    See you Franz!
    Warm regards,
  14. Tony

    you guys leaving in same day 24th?

    i come to bkk maybe 18 and leaving 20 and riding slowely as usually towards CM,, what hotel you guys planning to stay?
  15. Hi Marco,

    No definite plans just yet.

    I should do a little work at the office on Friday morning. I'm thinking I/we could probably leave Bangkok on Friday the 23rd and head up to Chiang Mai at a leisurely pace.

    Don't have to do BKK-CNX in one day. If you feel like taking a less direct route, say via Mae Sot, or Phitsanulok or Loei or whatever and making it a two day ride to Chiang Mai that would be great as well.

    I'm easy- you lead and I'll try to keep up on my new Gixxer :mrgreen:

    See you!

  16. Tony & Huligans

    Im Planing to come Bkk 18-20 then leaving to Mae Sot(DK-Hotel) then MHS(PIya GH) and CM,, on the way back for sure i wanna take Ferry road and then Loei, maybe KK or Udon, dont know yet,,
  17. Guys & Gals, here's the info:

    Party at my house on April Saturday 24th, starting at 12:00 a.m., ending ...... hmmmm, well, open ended.......... :happy4:

    Will put up a tent on the carpark with a lot of ventilation for cooling.......

    Please while parking take care that all my neighbours have still unhindered access to their carpark & entrance and any traffic can pass, cars should park outside the Soi on the very wide Arcadia 4 road, it's just a 200 meters walk.

    F&B: well, as last time, a lot of grills, salads, breads, whiskey, beers and softdrinks, snacks, coffee, tea, some cigarettes, music (no Thai Likae or Morlum or the like, my dog starts to howl.....) and of course Somtam and some other Thai yummies for you and your SWMBO's or kids. And if disgestion is tough I will also have again fathers homedistilled medicine available......

    Would be grateful if you post when you decide to come so I can do better planning and set up enough F&B.

    Cheers & see you
  18. As said earlier,,Im In,,

    It's well worth to travel over 900km(one way) or this party
  19. Excellent!

    Picked up my new scooter on Monday and am ready to ride!

    Look forward to seeing you on the 24th!

    Happy Trails,

  20. Great looking bike, Tony. I look forward to seeing it on the 24th.
  21. So far the guest-list:

    DavidFL & Maew - CNX
    Dave Early (Silverhawk) & Tim - CNX
    Ally & Tuk - CNX
    Franz & Fiu - CNX
    Tony Bkk & Gerhard - BKK
    Marco - UBON
    John Gooding - KK
    BobS - CNX
    Justin (Big & Tall) - CNX - ?
    Jay (CDRW) - PTA - ?

    Anyone else, as I would like to do a perfect F&B shopping list not to have any shortcomings or oversupplies like last time.....

    Txs//cheers, Franz
  22. I think Moto-Rex should be back from Oz by then too.
  23. wow, wow, wow. what a bike tony. havent seen a k6 in white before. im glad i have now, that is officially the nicest bike ive seen here in thailand.
  24. Like i said earlier,,,this arty is very worth to travel 1000km one way,,
    Sad that Mrs.Dougal can't join us this time
    im on Phetchabhun or Phitsanulok on the night of 22nd, if some one wanna join ride up next day or to there..let me know

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