Guest House In Chiang Kham

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I'm presently helping a couple of bikers to prepare a Northern tour and I'm looking for an opinion
    on a nice guest house for a night stop between Nan and Phu Chi Fah.
    I remember having read something from Davdi and others,but unable to find it again.
    Surely due to my old age!
    Lung Jack.
  2. Thanks a lot David,
    I knew I could count on you and GTR. I will forward the link.
    It' been already 2 years,I must keep at home to take care of my wife's illness.
    Helping new riders to make the most of their vacation in Lanna or Northern Laos
    is a way of remembering all the good times I've had in this part of the world for the last 50 years.
    Touch of nostalgia? I would lie if I say No!
    Both of us have "memories" in our bones of these roads and trails,in both
    But "Mai pen rai, Bo pen niang" Right?
    Cheers, I'm still there almost every day through GTR.
    Lung Jacques.
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