Guts Rider (Motorcycle accessories shop in Khon Kaen)

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    Mr. Guts has already for a few years his small shop in Khon Kaen (about 500 meter south of the train-station) and since this week he is moving his shop to 3 shops further in the street. As that are 2 shop-houses his small shop has become twice as big. And what more he now also has a service-corner (I even believe there is a real mechanic working).

    And he (or the mechanic) seems also to be a Pirelli dealer as they have an all stand with Pirelli tyres. And that is not all folks ... next week they will have a real machine for wheel-balancing. The first & only in Khon Kaen!

    In the shop he is selling jackets, helmets, gloves, shoes, chain's, sprockets and whatever you might need.

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