Hail Storm in Mae Rim!!!

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  1. Not Bike Related but worth a Show I thought!!!
    Had a Real Freak Storm come through the Mae Rim Area of Chi­ang Mai North­ern Thai­land Yes­ter­day the 30th of March. We had a Big Hit at the X-Centre!!! While Storms are quite Com­mon dur­ing the first few Weeks of April they Nor­mally pro­duce almost Cyclone force Winds and Heavy Rain which some­times pro­duce Hail Stones!!! In this Case First We had the Very Strong Winds then Rain and Fol­lowed By an Incred­i­ble Hail Stone Storm!!! The Shear Size and Force of the Hail Stones Shred­ded and Destroyed a Huge amount of Gar­dens and Trees in the Area and left it look­ing very Much Like a Win­ter Day from some other Euro­pean Coun­try??? I had the Cam­era Handy so clicked off some Shots for Proof. Check them Out:

    Hail­stones Filled the Drain in front of the X-Centre.

    Long and Piles of Hail­stones off the Roof of the X-Centre.

    Hail­stones Cov­ered the Ground Like Snow, Hard to Believe this is mostly a Trop­i­cal Coun­try! Global Warming???

    The Hail­stones Piled Up where ever they Fell off Roofs.

    The Mae Sa Val­ley Road was cov­ered! Looks Like a Euro­pean Winter!!!

    Lots of Local Peo­ple stopped to Look and the Chil­dren started Play­ing in all the Ice.

    Even My Chil­dren Aaron & Amanda Loved it and had a Lot of Fun!!!

    So the Weather is Cer­tainly Strange and Chang­ing in the Dif­fer­ent Coun­tries? My Fam­ily at Home in New Zealand have Had a Very Hot Sum­mer with Hardly any Rain from Christ­mas till Now!!! In the Future Maybe We can Go Snow Ski­ing here in Thai­land and Go to the Trop­i­cal Beaches in New Zealand??? Now there is some­thing to think about???

    Have a Great Day and Stay Safe!!!
  2. Wow! Never though that possible in Thailand. In fact, I've never seen hail in this kind of quantity anywhere! Thanks for the pix.
  3. WoW................ 2KEWL...................I come from Kansas and we have hailstormes
    but not like Sturgis 09...................

  4. That's pretty amazing. My wife's family live just down the road from the X-Center in Mae Rim just past the zorb place and told us about shin-deep piles of hail. They are not hi-tech don't have a camera and I was riding in Laos at the time so thanks for showing the photos.
  5. I live about 8km from the X-Centre and we had the highest winds I have ever experienced in Thailand. A short downpour of rain but no hail. Incredible!
  6. Whoa! Would never have believed it possible at that latitude and elevation. But then again, the wind speed at altitude can be incredible. I remember flying back to US from Taiwan and seeing almost 700MPH ground speed on the seatback GPS thinking it was an error. Nope. Several hours of 130MPH tailwind got me home in record speed that trip. NICE!

    Felt bad for the poor saps going against it though!

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