Hammerite paint????

Discussion in 'Technical' started by monsterman, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. anyone seen Hammerite paint in Thailand?

  2. Jerry, here on Phuket, use it all the time, loads of different colours in stock.

    I first painted my old jeep with it, then my sliding gates on driveway of house, then as I had some left over, painted tow bar on car, then painted trailer

    Its hard to find, Homepro used to stock it, but have stopped now, found one of those 'nick nack' shops that sell everything and had the tins tucked away in one corner.

    Good luck with your search......

    (now... what can I paint today... mmmmm)
  3. Jerry, second floor Carrefour Pattaya at HOMEPRO I got both Hammerite in black and brown, although only in small cans, must look for yourself as staff don't know difference between ordinary and hammerite colours. Rgds, FR
  4. great but u also need the special hammerite thinner/cleaner to go with it,
    my mate in UK painted hi Ducati engine with it and as it enamels the result and finish is fantastic , for an engine it is as good as powder coat.

    but not for the rest of the bike. but useful for small bits if prepared carefully.

  5. Can someone enlighten me on what exactly is hammerite paint?
  6. Dave,

    It's a heavy duty enamel based paint with a rust inhibitor in it - people paint gates e.t.c with it. Used to have just a single finish which looked like the surface had been "peened" with a hammer, hence the name. Now comes in peened or smooth finishes in tin or spraycan form and years ago I used it to paint the frame on an old H-D I built with great results.

    Feel enlightened now? ;)


  7. Oh you mean "Rustoleum". :lol:
  8. If i knew what Rustoleum was, I could agree or disagree....... :roll:


  9. Okay Pikey/Silverhawk


    On the left we have Hammerite, on the right Rust-Oleum

    Now going by what is written on the cans, Hammerite can be applied to bare metal, is a primer, undercoat and top coat all in one. For extra protection give second coat, and should last 5 years.

    Rust-Oleum does the same thing, but for extra protection they suggest using a primer first.

    From personnel experience I think Hammerite is a superior product.

    Looking at my Rust-Oleum can, I think I should be painting the lid as it seems a little rusty.

  10. for best finish Hammerite primer helps but its not needed if you just want protection.
  11. Awhile ago I painted my Suzuki TS 200 with green hammerite colour. It's easy to apply, I didn't use any thinner and it looks great, even as motorbike finish. At least I think so.

    Homepro Chiang Mai used to have it, now they have a simmilar make, I just don't remember the name.

    Also you can mix in other enamel colours and you will get some exiting effects. Well I'm an artist, so that might not be everyone's thing

    Cheers Rudi
  12. Rudi
    Now you're talking. I’ve never seen so many paint jobs done on a bike like your AT Chameleon.
    I passed the North Gate Jazz Pub last night & saw a "new" AT there, but not yours. Then I read the thread about your rego problems & noted you'd done yet another paint job & so it probably was your bike parked outside.
    Now I'd love to see you post a series of pix of all the paint jobs you've done on the AT. Any chance you have some & could post them, pretty please.
  13. Yep, pics would be great, as would a comparison of the stock bike's weight and your bike with all those funky paintjobs overlaid on each other! :lol:


  14. David, wow At Chameleon is a great name. From now on I shall ride the chameleon. Anyway the paintjob is just a trick, it can be easyly removed. I will probably do that in Laos, if have enough time, so it will be yellow again. I gotta look for pictures of my bike and will post them soon.

    Anyway tomorrow I will leave CNX direction Udon Thani.

    Keep the paint running while it's wet.

  15. Hey David,

    I haven't found out yet how to upload fotos on your website. Maybe you could give me some hint.


    Rudi or saxonator or whatever.....ah Chameleon[/img]

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