Happy birthday David !

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  1. Hello !

    Maybe David doesn't like this thread. However if the profile is correct, today is his 60th birthday !
    So I would like to wish you a happy birthday and many nice trips throughout asia.
    Best regards

  2. Yes Varadero You are Correct! I held off Posting in cvase He wanted to keep a Low Profile but as You let the Cat Out of the Bag!
    Congratulations Mate on reaching a Milestone Age and Passing another Kilometer Marker in Life!!! May You pass many More. You're a Legend!!! Often Copied never Matched!!!
  3. David, all the best wishes for your 60th Birthday, stay healthy and happy for many more years to come !! :D
  4. Happy Birthday David! Hope you have a great celebration and best wishes for the coming year.
  5. Yep, from my side too, all the best..
  6. Happy Birthday David!!
  7. Happy birthday and best wishes to you mate.

    See you when I ride up north in Feb 14.

    Warmest regards

    Lip Meng
  8. Hi there guys - A BIG THANK YOU all for the kind birthday wishes.

    I've been way for a night to to reflect a little on turning over the big 6-0.

    More than half my life has been spent here in Thailand & apart from a few hiccups, nearly all of it was been both enjoyable & rewarding.

    At 60 in the west you're generally supposed to retire & "hang up your boots," I however don't think I will be doing that.....life is too good here.

    Give me a bit of time & I will add a few ideas & comments, but in the meantime, thank you all those guys & gals for their friendships & support of myself & GT Rider through the years. With out you life would not have been as good or as satisfying.
  9. David
    Happy birthday ,I always appreciate how you took the time to meet me and brief me on my first visit to the north :)
    Many years of safe riding to come
  10. The math is now irrefutable now that we are both 60 this year. It means we have now been friends for half of our lives. So a belated happy birthday and thanks for being a good friend to me and my entire family over these many years.
  11. Yay Rande it's been fun & rewarding relationship for a long.time now. Thanks.mate.

    Power On. sent from Sony Xperia AcroS
  12. Birthday greetings from the south. Here's wishing u plenty of riding adventures ahead n God bless.

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