Happy Snaps from the Mae Hong Son Loop


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Just a couple of happy snaps I got on the MHS Loop last week.

Above: Spotted in the "Fawlty Towers" Riverside ghouse in Mae Sarieng. Check out not only the spelling, but the size of the nail "tacking" the sign to the wall. The sign was a gentle reminder to switch on & off the electric hot water system before / afte use.

Snaps above & below are of Chong Kham lake in MHS the evening before Loy Krathong.

Above: Walking Street market in MHS. High season has kicked in & it's busy.


Piya Ghouse has had a paint job & rebuild, with old rooms at the back now all bungalows - bigger, airier & brighter - both inside & outside.
I reckon that Mr Piya must have had a night on grog & magic mushrooms before deciding on what the new lairy colours should be.
Piya also says free wifi is next on the menu!

Above: The Piya Ghouse gals making krathongs for the festival.

The car park at Fish Cave, 16 kms out of MHS, & full. Another indication high season's here!
If you're going to Pai or MHS in the next 2 months, try & book your room in advance!

Pai: the main street with a parade underway. I got caught & could not leave town until the parade had cleared, by which time it was dark.