Headlights in Cambodia - KLX 250S or D-Tracker.

Discussion in 'Technical' started by mickba, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Going into Cambodia soon on my D-Tracker and would like to avoid the Sihanoukville shakedowns.

    There are also times (eg slow to start and no kickstart) when I would like to kill the headlights.

    I have a Yamaha handlebar light switch and I've looked under the seat, but it doesn't look that simple - for me anyway.

    Can anyone point me at the right cables etc please?

  2. Had the same problem with ER6N. Removed the fuse for the lights but that didnt kill the "running" lights. Had to tape black plastic over them otherwise would get clobbered. MAke sure you have small denomination US$ for the boys in blue there, dont pull out a $20 LOL.

    Also have two wallets, one with just a couple of small notes that you can lose. Dont plul out a wallet with a wad of notes in it.
  3. Wow, they'll even do you for running lights?! Good to know!
  4. I know what they do. Even last time when they accepted that I'd got all possible licences and was wearing a helmet they ultimately resorted to "OK you can give us little bit" = $2".
    It's just a pain getting stopped and hassled.

    I'd prefer to ride with H/L on of course, but for other reasons and to have to option to be legal in Cambodia, I'd like to be able to switch them off.

    Is there no-one here who can point me at the right cable/s?
  5. Sorted!!!

    There's a 3 wire connector block behind the H/L.

    Cut the Bk/Y and fit a switch and all is good. Tail light still on but who cares.
  6. Heh heh, no different from Thailand really ;-)
  7. Just access the wires that go directly to your headlight.
    If the wires are lengthy enough to have the wires also reach your handlebar or possibly a reachable area on the back of your windscreen, then just cut either wire (the ground or hot wire) and connect the wire directly to a simple toggle switch which you can mount on your handle bar...or anyplace that's easy to reach, like the back of the windscreen.
    If the wires to the headlight are not very lengthy, then cut either the (ground or hot) wire and attach a length of wire to _each_ of the cut ends, securely tape or waterproof the connected wires...then have then two added wires go to a toggle switch, mounted wherever you want.

    NOTE....I suggest you do not use a simple toggle switch as pictured below. They work fine, but in time rain will effect them....they will last for months, but will fail in time. I previously have used them, but now use a marine micro toggle switch (60-Bt) that is waterproof.

  8. Thanks, I did the job before I went (see post above) using an OE Yamaha handlebar switch which I bought off Ebay and it worked fine.

    For some reason, the way I did it means that when the lights are turned off, the blue main beam warning is on.
    I see no harm in it. It's confirmation in daylight in Cambodia that I'm legal and in Thailand that I'm not is all.
  9. I took my KLX to Chiang Mai Kawasaki, and for 800 baht they supplied and fitted this small switch.



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