Hello Where Am I Supposed To Introduce Myself?

Discussion in 'New Members' started by Tiyaan, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Well I'll start here:

    I'm just past my midlife crisis but I'm still doing silly things. Last year I went to Kanchanaburi Province on my Honda Wave 100s, with some long bits on gravel roads, between the lakes. Total nearly 3000 km.

    I work in Europe during summer season and spend 4 moths a year in BKK, my girlfriend has a micro 7/11-like shop with kitchen.

    I have few bikes: Yamaha XT 550 ("we" almost won the second Dakar), Honda XRV 650 (the first Africa Twin!!), Kawasaki ER-5, 3x Suzuki RV50, and 2x Honda Wave.

    If I were a rich man I'd buy a Goldwing and would put a dirt bike on the trailer, to travel the world.
  2. Ok I fount It ... and of course I had already done my intro
  3. Welcome aboard, and I shall relocate the post in the right forum for you :)

    If its any help or consolation, some of us are on our 2nd or 3rd midlife crisis...

    All I can say is that my favourite sign is the one beside Big Wing Honda in Chiang Mai that says "Beer and bad decisions make the best memories..."
  4. Hi your Highness

    Don't bother ... I did introduce myself in August ... then got some connection problems, followed by a barrage of work and flu in September and of course I forgot I was already in.

    Well I guess I just passed my second MLC and just found out I like alcohol free beer better than normal beer (I still like alcohol though)

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