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    Racing continues to be one of the main forms of research for helmet builders. If a racer’s head can ricochet of the pavement at speeds up to 200 mph, and walk away headache free, the helmet he or she was wearing did a job well done.
    Much time goes into creating a design built upon safety; sometimes, it’s a 24/7 thing. One company that has always remained focused on utmost safety in racing has been Arai. The iconic Japanese manufacturer offers helmets that are virtually 100-percent handmade, and has earned the number-one ranking in J.D. Power and Associates’ Motorcycle Helmet Customer Satisfaction Study for 10 consecutive years.
    Arai is making the headlines yet again, but this time the company founded in 1926 is catering to the everyday street rider. The new lid, the RX-Q, is not marketed as a “whole new helmet,â€
  2. Thanks for a very informative posting, but lets be honest, there is no such thing as a helmet that will allow ones head to "richocet off the pavement at 200mph" and not end up with a lot worse than a headache.
    There seems to be quite an art in falling off a bike at those speeds, and it hopefully involves a lot of sliding and not so much richocheting.
  3. Good to have a good helmet but if you hit a solid object at high speed, you are screwed regardless.

    If you fall off on an open race track with no obstacles, you can slide away to safety (given good gear, obviously). It's just not very common to have this open space around in a real world situation.

    The young Thai rider who recently passed away around where I live smashed into a tree at 150 on his ER-6n. Co-incidentally, he was the best equipped of the crew, he had a brand new Arai helmet, boots, body armor, the works. Didn't help.
  4. Do they have a poser test before they'll sell you one?

    Please, marketing departments of the world, have some mercy! BTW it's a great looking helmet. It doesn't need the marketing BS.

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