Helmet law back in force

Discussion in 'Laos - General Discussion Forum' started by Craypot, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. Craypot

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    The Vientiane Times today is reporting that the police are cracking down on riding without a helmet in Vientiane. The fine is 30,000 kip. Apparently after a bit of a rough start with this law the authorities have decided to get on with it as of 1 Jan.
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  3. That's true and for the ones who cares about....do not forget that Genuine SHARK Helmets are distributed in Vientiane.
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    Drive safe !
    jean louis
  4. jimoi

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    I've seen the enforcement, good and maybe long lasting for overall safety.

    What I wonder about is what little gold mine for police funds will come next when people start to wear the helmets?
  5. Craypot

    Craypot Ol'Timer

    I've seen the cops out in force the past couple of days pulling up all riders without helmets. If they get pulled up they have to show papers as well. Solution - wear a helmet in Vientiane.

    Jean Louis, I've seen the motocross helmets at Fuarks but do you also have open face and other styles for sale?
  6. hy,

    for the moment only Offroads and Full face types, I have lot more colors at Papaya Spa.

    jean louis

    types and Full face

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