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Discussion in 'Technical' started by DavidFL, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. Saw these helmet locks on the web



    Link removed

    does anyone have one & think they are ok?

    I think I want one, but mail from the USA was US$40 = US$100 total & that's a bit much.

    Any ideas?

    What else do you use?
  2. Not a fool proof method by any means but I've used a simple small padlock, through the D-ring on the helmet, then locked over the brake lever. The ball on the end of the brake (or clutch) lever (if the lock is the right size) keeps the lock from being slid off the lever. Cheap, quick, easy. Though if they want it a simple slash of a knife will free the helmet but at least it keeps the casual grabber at bay.
  3. That helmet secure looks nice, compact, and can loop through the helmet face instead of just the D-rings.

    Other options here http://www.lockitt.com/accessories_helm ... etguardian including the helmet guardian. Two helmet capable and is pretty unobtrusive behind the license plate. But Thai plates are massive so may not work. Says 11" overall, but an inch per side is lock so only about 9" to work with as far as the plate. No idea how wide the Thai plates are.

    Fitted to FJR and works as advertised
  4. I left a helmet lock under the seat of Mr Mechanic's ER6 that I 'dropped' last week :oops:

    You're welcome to it if you can find it. Let me know and I'll post the key to you.
  5. I have had 2 full face helmets stolen here in Thailand.( outside a bloody police station ) Both were on the standard pin helmet locks.....the perp sliced through the straps , as Justin mentioned.
    The ER6 helmet lock cable under the seat is a pain in the arse...and back!!
    I now have the Arai sitting on the mirror ( yeah I know , but it keeps the rain out ) and cable locked through the chin piece to the steering head.

    Strength of this cable is dubious , but so far so good.
  6. To avoid theft, I fit all my bikes with GIVI boxes, gives me more convenience as I also keep there my bike copies, first aid kits so as not to be forced always to fumble with the seats once the a.m. are needed.
    Feejer nice pipes and stickers on the FJR's panniers !!!!
    Cheers, Franz
  7. I use one of these Master Gun Locks (supplied by my former employer). 97DSPTsm.jpg http://www.triggerlock.com/cablelocks.htm

    It is a high tensile strength cable and can be used through the d-rings of the helmet (yes they may cut the strap) or through the chin guard of a full face helmet. Very versatile, small and cheap.

    Personally I think Davidfl's suggestion is a bit of overkill, especially at that price. :wink:
  8. I use the same as Dave however pass the cable through the face hole on full face helmet.
  9. someone stole the stupid Ducati helmet lock off my Ducati in bang saen a few years ago but did not steal the helmet ....weird eh
  10. "Face hole" -"chin guard" Same/Same :D I think we need better terminology Tony ! :wink:
  11. Captain Wally
    Picked up the locks at last, after the bike was returned from another long rental.
    I've sent you a PM with my mail address for the keys to be posted to.
    Many thanks for the generosity.

    :D :D :D
  12. "Face hole" -"chin guard" Same/Same :D I think we need better terminology Tony ! :wink:
    Ha ha, I made 'face hole' up because I didn't know what it was called. Thanks for educating me :wink: I was thinking 'chin strap' from your post.
  13. Keys will be posted tomorrow.
  14. Keys will be posted tomorrow.
    Ta muchly Captn Wally, you're a good man.

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