Helmet refurbishment

Discussion in 'Technical' started by monsterman, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. My best helmet needs a new interior , any ideas its too good to scrap but manufacturer ROOF does not supply . I think Azoulay posted that some shop in BKK does helmet tart ups.
  2. I'd be interested to know as well, got an old 70's Bell Moto 3 I'd like refurbed if only for show, needs new inside, respray and rubber trim.
  3. :? It might look better...but a coat of paint and new interior isn't gonna bring the shell integrity back to the strength it had when new...resins age!
    And shock absorbing materials absorb less shock the older they get...
    Just like my body, really.... :lol:
  4. I went to the shop in Azoulays link easy to find in Luang road corner with Suapa Rd, THAI ANTINOC its called , they refurbed the interior of the helmet as i waited for 500 baht and they have a great selection of over 100 Thai made Fibreglass helmets ,good quality I bought one fullface for 1300 baht.

    very useful place

  5. Hi Jerry,

    Happy for you that you found the place and get satisfaction. As told the old woman is very professional, she is the owner of the helmet factory and they can design what ever you want.

    This area is very rich of mechanic shops it's not easy to find as it's Thai for Thai but when you take time to drag and discuss, you generally found every thing for bikes and cars in this area of Bangkok, on top as it is the Chinese corner, they have the faculty to import on order quite easily.
  6. Yes whilst i was waiting I had a walk around the area for several streets ,lots of very interesting motor parts and accessory shops etc a real alladins cave.

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