helmets, let the argument begin

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  1. I slightly suggested to a guy on the reader board that he does not need to wear protective gear when riding slow on the dirt roads and have got a lot of negative feedback by a couple of guys so I decided to start a new subject on Helmets. I say wear your helmet sometimes. Tim
  2. good subject..i have done heaps of off road riding..mainly on small trail bikes.the bush here is to tight for big off road bikes.i allways wear an open face helmet .they are light...and good vis.if u are out in the sticks..and have to carry a hemet...i think the best place to carry it...is on your head

    It happens when it happens. I was for 2 years in West -Beirut during the war, air raids, car bombs, snipping everyday.
    Nothing happend.
    Then I come back to peaceful Germany and got almost killed in a car accident, rehab. for 5 years. Brain damaged. And yet, I dont wear my helmet all the times. IT happens when it happens.Foolish? OF COURSE, but the air flowing over my bald head is just too intoxicating.
    I´d rather be a fool at times than to miss out on being "drugged" by nature.

  4. Enduro250-

    If you are going to make statements on the board at least be accurate and consistent in what you say! By starting a new post you have put everything out of context. Your post below from the other topic {http://board.gt-rider.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1170&whichpage=2}is much more than a slight suggestion about riding slow on dirt roads……….

    I don’t quite understand what your diatribe about Harleys and Harley riders has to do with anything. I started riding Triumphs in 1967 when there was no helmet law, I still chose to wear a helmet. I never owned a Harley, never wanted one, and never went to Sturgis. So what? And no this is not just a bikers site, it is a riders site. Those who ride will know the difference.

    I also retired and moved here after 23 years as a police officer in Detroit, MI. I have seen things and experienced things that you can only try to imagine. Have you ever actually seen a 4 year old after they literally blow their brains out with daddy’s revolver? How about one that blows his brother’s brains out with his daddy’s gun and has to live with that the rest of his life due to his daddy’s negligence? Have you had to go to someone’s house and tell their family that their son is going to be vegetable for life as you so cavalierly talk about in your post? I have. Talk about someone just sitting behind a computer monitor and talking……..

    I wear a helmet. You don’t have to. I wear jackets and boots and gloves, you don’t have to. I suggest that my friends and fellow riders wear them and, as I said on the other post, I won’t ride with someone who doesn’t wear a helmet. Why? Because unlike your statement and apparent attitude… I DO CARE!

    I don’t want to pick a friend, or anyone else, up off the road who suffered injuries that could have been avoided just because he didn’t want to mess up his hair or has little usable skin left but has a “great tan”. I don’t want to again have to talk to families and have them look at me and say “Couldn't you do something?”

    Yeah, the helmet debate has been going on for years. And laws are made and changed year after year, it proves nothing. You can have your opinions and I will have mine. I will choose who I care to ride with and they will choose likewise. I only hope I never have one who can so blatantly say “Oh Dave’s dead? What has that got to do with me?”

    To the rest of you, sorry for the preaching, I don’t believe you have heard me do this before, but the examples this guy used are way over the top……….

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  5. Ok, over the top, so I am not good at writing and expressing my point. No, and I have never seen anyone blow thier brains out, no do I want to, but my point,( mayble not well put) was that just because someone was extremely irresponsible, Why should I have to pay for it for sacrificing my rights and freeedoms that,s all. I wish no harm on anyone. I am sure it was very difficult to have to inform relatives of an accident victim, and that says a lot about you, that you do care, and I respect that. I apologize if I sounded to cavilier about my example. No harm meant. 10 years ago I was eating lunch with my friends at Chile,s (a restaurant) and ran out of smokes, so I walked outside to run across the parking lot to a convenience store to get another pack, but there was no convenience store, in that little strip mall so I was going to run down the street about 100 yards and kitty corner to the shell. I had left my helmet at the bar. Well what do you know happenned? Did I splatter my brains on the concrete, no, I pulled up and parked, and what do you know? Two cops came over to me and told me I had no helmet and ran my liscence, an out of state liscense. I had not paid a traffic ticket or some kind of fine or something, but the cops misread the code or whatever it is, and I came up as a bench warrant for missing court for a DUI, a total mistake, they misread the codes or something. So wham my head hits the hood of the car and the two cops are on me like stink on ..... cuffs, the works, brought to the police substation, treated like sh.... then brought to the next holding facility and fingerprinted then thrown in a cell with 6 cubans and one toilet. 14 hours later, and thank God for my friend Shawn, I had the bail paid and was out. All for a damn helmet, that is supposed to be there to help me. Three years later, I am denied crossing into Canada, why? because I was arrested in Florida for a DUI,(that never happened.) And America is suppossed to be the land of the free? What the hell happenned? I don,t want any one to get hurt, I just want to be left alone to do my own thing, that,s all. As far as the whole Harley thing, if you did not get it, you probally never will. Live to Ride , Ride to Live! Ride safe ( helmet on or off)
  6. Enduro250-

    No, I do get it. I just chose a different style of motorcycling. I have read most your posts on this site and your opinions, all I can say is "Good Luck!"...........
  7. SilverhawkUSA...thanks for the erudite and well written, responsible post to enduro250.

    What I found humorous...really sad, was enduro250's reply, which was irrevalent as he segued into the repercussions he had after being ticketed for not having a helmet. Poor boy is clueless, but to each his own!
  8. I like this helmet/no helmet argument… I like to see just how ridiculous some men will make themself look, because they hope that others will see them as some sort of hard case willing to live life on the edge... I think that most everyone can see through any of the no-helmet arguments as they are completely transparent;

    * Better vision
    * Less heat
    * Feels better
    * Personal freedom

    The same arguments are trotted out time and time again, but I think are all easily discounted… the real reason for their posturing, but an argument that the no-helmet squad can not use because it exposes their true short comings is;

    * I moved to Asia because I want to experience real freedom, and since I am free to do almost anything I want here, I need to find new things to rebel against to prove just how cool and tough I am…

    I would almost certainly be brain damaged now if it wasn't for a bicycle helmet I was wearing when I fell from my mountain bike when the chain snapped 15 years ago… [xx(] I feel nervous riding a bicycle without one, and don't enjoy riding a motorbike without one… If I find myself riding without a helmet I have to ride so conservatively that it isn't any fun...

    In fact, many in Thailand exercise their personal freedom to ride without a helmet, so you are in fact not being a rebel, you are just making yourself look like a goose...

  9. As someone who ALWAYS wears a helmet, I strongly believe it should be a personal decision. Not something mandated by big brother. Should people be forced to wear life jackets while boating as well? Where do you draw the line on this slippery slope?
  10. A guy I know was riding through the chiangmai traffic on saturday night and saw a thai guy in front of him get clipped by a car and then ran over .This caused his head to explode and left him very dead .The car just kept driving so the falang chased after it and managed to flag them down.The four doors opened and four teenagers got out with bottles in their hands which they then started lobbing.After one bottle flew past his head and another burst on his bike , he decided to get out of there and return to the scene of the accident.When he arrived there was a policeman standing over the body.The guy handed him a piece of paper with the registration of the car written on it.The policeman looked at it,then crumpled it up ,threw it on the ground and ground it in with his boot .He then told the guy he was a stupid falang for chasing after the car as he could easily have got shot.He then told him to go away and that was how it ended .Depressing eh ?.. and maybe a moral or message to some of us about helmets and things .
  11. In a perfect world you wouldn't need laws to protect people from themselves, and sometimes I do believe in letting Darwin's Theory do it's work, but; imagine the poor soul who clips 250enduro in traffic and he dies, they might know that it was only an idiot that they killed so easily...

    only kidding about the idiot bit 250enduro [:D] [:D]
  12. Pico Pico, that was a cool post, and a nice way of putting how it feels to every now and then to ride without a helmet.. Beruit sounds crazy. Officer Dave Early, you sure do sound like a cop, spent some time filing some reports and making cases huh? I bet you do have some crazy stories about Detroit that I would like to hear, I know it is one of the most dangerous cities in America. Cdrw. what I find sad is that you live in Pattaya, the biggest prostitution capital in the world. What are you doing there? That place is disgusting. You sound like a cop to. Daewoo, I do usually ride conservately when i have the helmet off. Wimpy, that was so well put. Anon, that was an awesome story. One of my home town friends from washington state came over to Chiang Mai and was hanging out with my brother, riding 125 cc scooters around town. At a traffic light a cop in a truck was reving his engine super high, so as a joke my brother reved up his engine, all in good spirits, all the people at the traffic light starting laughing at the cop and the cop almost ran them off the road, they saw it coming and hit a back street real quick. They were freaked and my hometown friend was not so in love with Thailand anymore. Your story just reminds me how different it is over here and how quick you can be taken out. Good stuff.
  13. One of the fantastic features of this forum is it allows some insight into a poster.

    Silverhawk and Enduro250 both chose seats on their respective soapboxes, the difference being one explained rationally and saliently their point while the other just gave me a headache.

    Enduro250 said:
    What an asinine statement. Great way to judge a 39 year rider you don't know who probably "get's it" more than most.

    Enduro250 said:
    From my perspective getting a good tan and keeping my hair properly quaffed don't take top position on my list of enjoyable things about motorcyling(I guess we're diferent here). Especially when compared to other benefits this wonderous activity can bring. I'd also like to be enlightened how you know when it is you will need a helmet in advance? Obviously it did not help you with your previous stated cigarette run at Chilies as you could have avoided the cops if you would have followed you own advice.

    Maybe I don't "get it" as well. If the end result of "getting it" can be reflected by your personality I'll choose to abstain.

    Good luck.
  14. enduro250-

    Wow, I haven't had anyone call me "Officer" in the last 20 years. If you want to be so formal it was actually "Commander". Yeah I handled a "few" cases, Narcotics/Major Crimes Unit. And yes I filed "some" reports also, but then again, you are all too familiar with that aspect of law enforcement.

    Actually I get totally bored with hearing or telling police stories and doubt that is what I would have to discuss with you if we met. You are making so many friends on this site you really should come to Chiang Mai.

    Now, seeing as the above has actually nothing to do with motorcycling and is not beneficial to anyone,
    how about contributing some trip reports as Davidfl asked you?

    Share some of YOUR actual RIDING experience, border crossings, true adventures, favorite routes, etc. (maybe you could even use paragraphs and spell check). I am sure we are all anxious to hear........
  15. I am fair skinned and more than a bit bald , so I dont have to worry about ruining my hairdo . I like to wear a helmet for crash protection as well as to keep out the sun , noise and bugs . A visor is also pretty handy in that you can open your eyes . I read the post about the guy getting his head squashed . Would a modern full face helmet be able to take the weight of a car? It is not something I particuarly want to try but I just wondered.
  16. nah,,dont think a moderm full face would take the weight of a car...but it will save u from knockinking

    nah a full face wont take the weight of a car,,,but it will save u if come off ,,,,off roading ..knocking trees...iam sure will help.and if u come of on the road..will help a lot.long as u arent going to fast a helmet will help.iam quite strong on this suject...safety gear....use it. cheers
  17. Ride with out a helmet well I guess there aint much in there to protect is there.
    We have had a few deaths in our village that would have been avoided if they were wearing helmet. A mate on a run to Pattayah last year was riding with out his helmet but then decided to put it on. Lucky for him as his bike developed a oil leak and lost it on a bend doing about 100klm/h one lucky fellar
  18. The Australian Standards Website for Safety equipment has this as its opening Statement;


    This pretty well says it for me, I dont even go around the block without mine, either on the motorcycle or the bicycle(which gets me into more scrapes than the motorcycle).
  19. I surmise you find the place disgusting as you likely visited only the 5% of the area which is reknown for prostitution. Try visitng the other 95% of the population which is full of locals and farangs with regular businesses and lives. The former gets all the press, the latter is like life in any other city. Myopia leads to poor judgement.

    I'm a retired doctor (yes really) who also does some volunteer work with a few of the local service clubs. And what do you do besides demonstrate poor grammar?
  20. I've hit myself over the head with a big stick and promise to only ever write about riding motorcycles to interesting places.
  21. ..and I thought I was going to get some info on different helmets? What we got was fascinating insight into different personalities.

    Craypot summed it up the best. In reality most law/rules like this are about economics not freedom.

    Pico you can ride without a helmet as your chances of being knocked off are less. :)

    I feel naked without one, plus my bike is a bit er.. well ancient so nobody can see who is actually riding it. As someone wiser than me once said “If you have a $10 head wear a $10 helmet. Mine is getting a bit ratty after 10 years and the thought of spending 25,000-ish baht on a decent one does grate a bit, but the fit is important. Some guys have Shoei heads and some have Arai heads etc..

    Q: Those riding without helmets do you still wear ear plugs to dampen the noise?
  22. Just to put some more wood on the fire:

    Enduro250, I "welcomed" you to the board in thread http://board.gt-rider.com/topic.asp?TOP ... hichpage=2

    After I reread, and read subsequent posts/replies, my summation is that you are not really someone that should be on this board. I apologise to long-time board members for this but I skimmed the post and didn't really let Enduro250's words sink in before I replied. Those of you who know me will understand ;-)

    The "Harley thing" and the macho "no helmet thing" are not really what appeals to most people here. We enjoy the freedom of the roads that this wonderful country offers us without too many rules, respect the conditions and appreciate those that do the same. We are mature enough in our riding skills to form our own rules, both with what we wear and how we ride. Through such experiences we first become riding buds and if the experiences continue for some years/kilometres, then we will be firm and respectful friends. Maybe something that you have not learnt yet.......?
  23. Drive home drunk, kill someone and you'll worry about it later right? One of the stupidest most selfish comments I've heard in quite a while.

    Just curious as to what country you're in where drink driving is legal? Here in Thailand it is illegal, however very poorly enforced because most cops are selfish pricks out to make cash not to enforce the law, like the losers who drive drunk.

    I've read dozens of macho, selfish, bullshit posts on this board, and can think of only one with any regard to others safety, where the poster mentioned they just won't ride if someone in the group doesn't have a helmet.

    It's of little wonder that non-motorcycle riders have the opinion that they do of motorcycle riders.
  24. To MikeTrust, you really summed it up when you said this forum is a interesting look into peoples personality, Everyone, please look at the positives of this particular blog. 1. we all have something in common, we are all riding in SE Asia and through this discussion are getting to know about eachother and what people feel and were we came from, not just technical information. I came to this website after riding around Thailand a little bit and wondering if there was other like minded riders out there that might want to do a little touring.
    I want to apoligize to anyone I offended. I am not an advocate of riding with your helmet off at all times. This started out by me suggesting to another guy on this website who was looking for gear some alternative thoughts. Actually, after reading all the comments here, I have reconsidered riding with my helmet on a lot more. The stories are quite story scary, and if has made an impact on me, I am sure it has or will make an impact on someone else who comes to this site. Thankyou to everyone has made a comment.
    Pikey, I appreciate and understand your comments, but maybe what we have is just a big misunderstanding, and apoligize for the way I came across, and will try a little harder not to blurt out the first thing that comes to my mind and post it on the forum. I do want to be part of this forum and contribute. Commander Dave, trip reports are on the way from my last ride. I do not know how to use spell check, but have tried a little harder with my spelling and started a new paragraph. CDRW, I apoligize to you too, my comment was very stupid, and good for you that you are donating your time to help people. I will refrain from stupid outburst like that. Can you please explain to me what myopia means? Commander Dave, I will come to Chang Mai to do a little touring, what kind of bike are you riding, as you can guess, I am on an enduro 250, not a good match for a street bike. I really do want to tour with you guys and get familiar with your "stomping grounds". But I will wait for a little a while till things cool off and you all realize that I want to be friends. Cray Pot, you have an excellent point about big brother ( see Dave, I am making friends and meeting like minded riders). Yes, that,s why a lot of people are over here, you just have to be careful how you say it or you will be misunderstood. Like my comments about a a kid shooting himself with daddy,s gun having nothing to do with me. Of course I did not mean it like I would take pleasure in something like that, my point was that "because someone is extremely irresponsible, it should not affect me or my rights to protect myself or personal property. I think to everyone here, Cray Pot, was only commenting that some of us like a little "breathing room" and more reasonable rules, and by no way is he actually saying that he gets way drunk and drives his care home every night, or does not care if someone gets hurt. Let,s all remember that these are all only coments. Pikey, we are just on a hot topic, and yes my comments might be a little abrasive, but I have refrained from extremely nasty comments, and I am actually enjoying this, as I think are a lot of people. Maybe if had a better topic we could all get along better. Peace out! Tim
  25. I have enjoyed reading the posts on this subject . I have found that a helmet can get really hot here , especially if you are riding in the city and having to wait at traffic lights and things . Do you think there will ever be a helmet that has some sort of cooling system like air-con or maybe some sort of gel lining that you could leave in your fridge at night ? Personally I would like a helmet with air-con but I would need a fairly big rack to carry the compressor and all the pipe work might get in the way a bit .

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