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  1. Hi
    Went up Chiangmoi Rd today and stopped at the place that sells all the motorbike helmets. The old lady there pulled out a Nolan helmet sand tried to sell it to me for 2,500 bht. After looking at it closely I felt it was a copy and no different than the Index brand etc. Maybe I am wrong about this. Any experience in this matter?

    I am also looking for one of the lock up boxes for the rear of my bike. Purchased one almost a 2 years ago but cannot find them anymore. Any directions appreciated.

  2. Joe (of Joe's Bike Team) showed me one of the Nolan helmets that he had bought last year. I bought one as a passenger helmet. I use a flip-up because of eyeglasses.

    The one that I bought was in a box, with visor stickers and instruction manual printed in Italian. Highly doubtful that a copy would go to that extent.

    BUT, the helmet sizes are mis-marked. Joes's medium was fine, but the large and small helmets are reversed. Could be why they are so cheap.

    You can get GIVI boxes out of Singapore. Ask Unkovich for info.

  3. I was chatting with the owner of the shop last year about these Nolan helmets and according to him the helmets are genuine but are seconds due only to the fact that they are incorrectly labelled re size as Bob says.

    The old boy who owns the shop is honest and been in business long enough not to have to tell fibs.

  4. Thanks for the info.

    Will head down there again today to check them out. I really want a half decent helmet if I start touring. Ive been riding around town for 3 years now using a local brand but just dont trust it if I came a cropper.

    There was a colour insert in the Bangkok Post last week which was promoting Shark helmets which are produced in Thailand and made to International standards. Apparently the factory just recieved its ISO rating and it won some Thai award for quality. I have not seen these helmets for sale anywhere in Thailand. Maybe they are only for the export market?

    Do you guys know any good shops for accesories. I have a Yamaha Dragster and cannot get anything extra for it. Really want some Leg Protectors for it. Ive asked some of the big bike shops and they say they will order but they never really do. Is a trip to Pattaya the answer?

  5. The general belief is that an ISO rating means a quality product, when in fact it only means that they have met certain standards in the quality of the manufacturing process.

    In other words, it may be a piece of crap - but it is a well-made piece of crap!!

  6. Well I headed down the shop today and as you guys had said on the board to me , the helmets are real. I met with the old guy who owns the shop and he gave me the info on them. As said, they do come with box and instructions and are the real Mc Coy. Apparently the agent imported a lot to sell in Thailand but the Thais were not interested in them due to Cost. He also said that the labelling for the sizes are incorrect and I can attest to this. I must have tried at least 6 before finding the right size. Nice snug fit and I was over the moon about it. I got on well with the old guy and after we talked for 10 mins he decided to give me a 10% discount with out me even asking for one. I got the helmet for 2,250 bht. He seems to have quite a few left so if anyone is in the market for one I would head down there. Try to get talking with the old guy as he seems to be the only one that gives discount.

    Thanks again to everyone who posted on the board. Without the info forwarded I would have missed out on a great deal.

  7. So exactly where is this place?

    I am about to go to BKK tomorrow because I cannot find a decent, safe helmet here in CM

    I am not familiar with Nolan. Are they any good, and on a level with Shoei ir better yet Arai?

  8. Travel outside the moat on the east side of CM. About 1/2 km before Taipae Gate, turn left on Chang Moi Road. Just before Chang Moi Soi 2, there is a bank on the right corner. The helmet shop is just before the bank.

    If you can get to Joe's Bike Team, just walk back to Chang Moi Road and turn left 50 meters.

  9. Robert
    The shop is called Prida, & it is next to the Thai Military Bank, just around the corner from Joes.
    Nolan Helmets are an Italian brand. Take a look at their web site at
    (if you can get into the site.)

    Keep the power on
  10. The new shop called G3 phone: 053 814 535 is GREAT owned by a young local lad that's getting the shop well stocked up. It's a case of 'you pay what you get' - with Shoei's priced at 16,000bht might not be cheap but they are one of the best lids on the market. G3 also stocks all sorts of extras for customs - leather bags, forward pegs, flashy mirrors etc. Check him out he speaks good'ish English and has some great bikes for sale R1, Hyabusa - tell him Jake sent you and you might get 10% knocked off !!

    Leaving town head towards Narawat Bridge, G3 is located just before the bridge on your RIGHT hand-side. Its a twin sized shop-hse painted orange, slightly set back off the main road. Don't get confused with the shop on the LEFT, as this little shop sells odds & sods also repairs small bikes, they come across as a little xenophobic some days!

    To The Thai & Ital Tarmac Company in Hang Dong - Splash it all over and lay it on think and heavy, chaps!

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