Help - I need a new frame for boxes


Nov 7, 2006
hi guys!

I'll arrive on friday from kathmandu with my xt 600. my frame for my aluboxes is ****ed and i dont want to take it with me to bkk. so I need some good engeneering / welding shop to make me a strong new one, that it wont broke again :-(

can someone give a recommendation??

thank you!! nils
Mar 15, 2003
Somchit is the place. An automotive/motorcycle fabricator. Has made luggage racks, exhaust pipes, and emergency repairs for a number of riders. It is on Rakaeng Rd. near Kaemphang Din Rd. if you can find a good map of Chiang Mai.

Going south from the night market area cross Sri Donchai rd. (Panthip Plaza on corner) and continue on Chang Klan Rd.

Turn right (west) at the first traffic light (NES Language school on the left, Lanna Palace Hotel on the right), that will be Rakaeng Rd. Continue on and just before the small bridge you will see an automotive repair and parts shop on the right. That's it.

If the directions aren't good enough send me an email and I will try and meet you somewhere when you get to town.

Dave Early

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