Help!! Re-wiring my Honda XR250

Discussion in 'Technical' started by solomonfurious, May 14, 2010.

  1. I have recently bought a Honda XR250, which I am dismantling for the purposes of both improving it and learning how they are put together. One area that definitely needs an overhaul is the wiring, as I want to add indicators, a rear light and a horn and the present wiring looks pretty patchy.

    However...I have never done such a thing before and am not entirely confident.

    I realise this is a very long shot, but if there is anyone living in Chiang Mai with an understanding of electrics and wiring and with some spare time on their hands, I would really appreciate some help and guidance. In return, I can provide food, cold beers and a nice environment. I would also be willing to pay a little for the experience if necessary.

    I know it's unlikely but if you don't ask...

  2. I hate the look of a 10-15 year old wiring system after 100 chimpanzees with wire cutters have had their way with it. Is there any possibility of getting an OEM harness from Honda? This would be a sound investment that would pay one back in trouble-free service for a long time to come.
  3. I don't live in Chiang Mai. But am willing to answer questions if you like.

    I recommend you buy a cheap multimeter if you don't have one.
    You'll also need the left hand handlebar switch unit from a Wave or equivalent but check the diameter of the handlebar first. Most "modify" guys use Cagiva unit as it has 'Flash to pass" switch.
    For you std Wave will be fine if it fits. Double check to see if it has "push to cancel" turn signal switch.
  4. Thanks for the advice guys, it is really appreciated. As it turns out, I have managed to find a really nice thai mechanic who is happy to both fix the bike and show me what he's doing as he does it, so I'm pretty pleased. Unfortunately the bike has seemingly been attacked by hordes of knuckle draggers at various stages, so we are having to put a lot of things right, but it means I get to learn more and see inside the guts of the thing. He pulled open the engine today and found that the piston was from a bloody Suzuki Vitara (which is a car if you didn't know). As for the wiring, we may have to end up making good with what is there as I have been told that a complete re-wire is only possible with the right replacement wires, which are supposedly not that easy to come by. Who knows. But I'm getting mucky and learning, which was the point, so all good.

    Thanks again

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