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  1. Front brakes, front brake disc can that be chromed and not screw up the stopping?

    I know it will look better but I know I need to stop safely as well. Right now I'm cleaning it. Simply because I don't think I can do the chrome. But, never hurts top ask.
  2. Hi Ray,

    As you guess, and IMHO, by chroming your front brake disc you will certainly lose grip to stop...
    I know it appears from factory (chrome stronger than steel: does'nt wear so quickly) on some bikes in the past, but nowadays, if I don't miss something (what it can be :roll: ), no manufacturer use this...

  3. well eight hours later and one drill motor we are back to clean stainless steel, I don't see any need. But, it was bear. Bikes 13 years old no one had bothered to clean it before. But, it look good now.
  4. The chrome is certainly harder than the steel disc, its coefficient of friction is lower and the pads will not get the same bite on it, in other words, less braking power for the same pressure. As the chrome is also usually quite thin it is likely to start breaking up after a while, especially as the disc heats up and cools repeatedly, that would be really bad for the pads.
  5. Ya I thought it would look nice but, not worth losing the safety of good brakes. Looks pretty good now. I will make it habit to break it down and clen whenever I get new tires. Should be siimple over the years doing it that way.

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