Here we go with the stupid qeustions again

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  1. Photo Bucket.

    After you enter a description on a photo. How do you make sure the written portion is transfered with the photo to a site.?

    Spent a few hours doing the the other day. When I transfered the photo's, not one of the written descriptions showed up in email them or poastign them on forum.
  2. The only way I could do it is to click on EDIT , then DECORATION, then TEXT and add a text box like so.

    Not very flash but... IMG0055A-1.
  3. well that is sure better then what ended up with.

    I know when upload the photos your given an option then. Maybe I will try that for kick and grins and see what a happens, just up load a fewer at a time. Ends up being a lot of work :lol:

    Wouldn't be so bad if you could down on he narrative of the post. hey what they heck else do I have to do. Back is still mending from the Mae Hong Son ride.
  4. Ray here is my probably stupid answer, not THE WAY to do it, but just what I do.
    I open a Word Document and I start to write the text of the posting, I also open another window with my photobucket pictures already uploaded, I do not bother with descriptions. When I want a picture below the text I have written in Word, I just go to photobucket window, copy the link and paste into my word doc. More text and back for another picture link. The pictures do not appear in the Word doc, just the img links.
    I finish my doc select and copy the whole text including of course the links, open a new post in the correct section in GT add a title and then paste everything into GT and submit.
    I then have a copy in word that I can file away and or post on some other site as well. Also means if I have an internet problem half way thro, I lose nothing.

    All my descriptions are in the post text not with the pics. They appear above the picture. Mikes way above allows you to put a description actually on the photo area.
  5. I just write a text in the GT thread like a reply, insert the link to the pic in photobucket, then continue with the text, another link for the next pic aso.
    I just don't know why there's a (img) next to my pics and that does not appear next to pix of other posts...
  6. ....because if you look on the upper right of the "Post a Reply" box when entering your text on this site, you will see in blue it says "Close Tags". This actually seems to work automatically. So if you enter you have alread closed the tag. The site then adds another close tag [/img] that is not recognised or used. I see this on many posts.

    Just proof read your post before hitting submit, and delete any extra close tags [/**}.
  7. Ok that one confused me :lol:

    What I'm looking for is way to add the text to the photo in Photobucket and not lose it when I post it on the site.

    It would be much simplier if you could do the description while your looking at the photo. Then opening and closing several times for each photo.

    Possible not possible I have no idea :shock:
  8. 100_1041.

    Well that works not to hard.

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