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  1. Which map datum that can be found on Garmin GPS units works best with the Cambodia Gecko Map? I can't remember which we settled on last winter. Thanks in advance.

    2 months, 7 days...
  2. you got me on this one. I do have a garmin gps and just cross reference the coordinates with the gecko map. there is garmin software that you can pick up in the russian market. I dont have the detailed map in mine as I find it clutters the screen, but I do mark points as to find my way back to some neat things (and not to mention keep me from going in circles in some of those villages)
  3. Ah. Apparently, you find whatever datum you're using matches up fairly well with the Gecko map, no? If at all possible, could you take a look at you Garmin and see what you're using? My unit's fairly simple as well, so I'd like to at least get a datum that's close(which yours is, from the sounds of it). Go to you setup menu and click on "units" and it should show which datum you're currently using.

    2 months to go!
  4. Jim, I'll be arriving in PP circa the 18th of January -- mind if I take a look at your GPS on an afternoon shortly thereafter(just want to check your datum, since it's apparently working for you)?

    How's availability at the Cal 2 around then?

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